Urban Decay Naked Heat palette: review + dupes


Hi everyone,

You all know how much the Urban Decay Naked palettes get me excited, right? When the Naked Heat palette landed on my doorstep about a week ago, I couldn't wait to dip my fingers in it.

Now I'm pretty sure everyone has seen loads of YouTubers give their opinion on this, swatch all of the shades and create looks with it. I'm only going into small detail about the quality of these, but I won't go and swatch them all. We've seen it, thank you very much.

I will go more into detail about two more affordable palettes in my collection that I was convinced would be good dupes for this palette. But are they?

So, let's have a quick closer look at the Naked Heat palette. It has 12 warm toned shades, which in my opinion is like the Naked 3, but deeper in shades. (Kind of like if Naked 3 and Naked Smoky had a baby.)

There really only is one real highlight shade at the utter left side of this palette, but all the other shades are quite dark. Fair comment from most people in the beauty community, I think; it's easier to work with a palette if it has at least a few lighter shades that you can build upon.

It does have some pretty amazing and unique shades in here, I'd say. I'm always a sucker for deep red-toned brown shades, so it really only took He Devil and   to convince me to buy this. Most of the shades are matte, which is a nice chance for the Naked palettes, as they mostly consist of shimmery shades. The shimmery shades really do speak for themselves: Lumbre is a very unique dual toned peach with a gold shift, Dirty Talk is an intensely pigmented copper metallic, Scorched is samey to Dirty Talk, but even more metallic and a bit more cool toned, and finally, Ember, a gorgeous deep brown shade with a purple shift. I'm so excited to be wearing them.

Quickly about the quality: yes, they do have kick back, but so does every other pigmented eyeshadow. (Trust me, they are pigmented!) The only one I had to scratch with my brush a little bit was Ashes, which I guess is just a really hard eyeshadow to get right. I had the same issue with a Mac eyeshadow that's almost the same in shade; it just has trouble picking up the pigment. Make sure to never use this eyeshadow wet, as it just makes the whole pan unusable. Every other shadow I'm very into, the quality is amazing, as usual with Urban Decay.

Onto the first out of the two dupes! The Zoeva Caramel Melange instantly reminded me of this colour scheme, with its warm matte shades, the very metallic shade Liquid Centre and the dark purple shade at the end. I really wanted to see how similar the warm browns were to the ones in the Naked Heat palette, as well as see if this would potentially be a better bang for your buck.

Now this palette is a tricky one. You'll have to act fast if you want to get your hands on it. This Kiko eyeshadow palette in 01 (seriously, where do they find the creativity for their names, I don't know) is a great selection of 6 eyeshadow shades that are quite perfect to create a beautiful warm toned look. It won't give you as many options as the Urban Decay one, that's true, but I'm convinced it can give you a very similar type of look. I wanted to pick a few shades and compare them with similar ones from the palette.

Below you can see some swatches I've put next to each other to compare.

The first two shades are Ounce from Naked Heat and Shade 2 from the Kiko palette. 
These are in fact very similar, but you can tell from the swatches that they have a slightly different undertone. Both of them are perfect inner corner highlight shades and are very much alike it how buildable they are. Even the formula is almost spot-on, although I still prefer the UD one.

The next 3 shades are Low Blow from Naked Heat, Finish Sensual from Zoeva Caramel Melange and Shade 4 from palette 01 by Kiko. I guess all of these have quite different undertones - although in the pans they looked more similar than they do on the swatches. I guess my point with this post is: no, they are not exact dupes, but you can definitely achieve a very similar look, especially if you build up the less pigmented shades. All three of these formulas are quite fabulous, if I'm honest. The kiko one has more fallout, but I actually really like that it's got a cooler undertone to counteract the warmness in the look.

Next up are three warm browns, which is what the whole Naked Heat palette is about, non? We see He Devil from Naked Heat, then Shade 5 from the Kiko palette, then Alchemy from Caramel Melange. Now, again, the shades are not similar in tone, but are definitely in the same colour family. I had hoped I'd find closer matches to either He Devil or Cayenne, but none of the palette have a close colour match. The red shade from Kiko definitely leans more towards the raspberry pinky-red, where Alchemy is definitely more of an orange toned brown. It's also much lighter than He Devil. That's why I think the shades from the Urban Decay palette are so unique; you think you have them already, but turns out: you don't!

Finally we have Ashes from Naked Heat and Edible Gem from Caramel Melange. They definitely are close matches in terms of the shade, but the Zoeva one has glitter specks in it. You can't really tell from the swatch, which actually proves my point, as you don't really notice them on your lid either. It's really just the pan that looks very glittery, when in fact, it's not. The Zoeva shade could totally go for a dupe to the Urban Decay one.

Final thoughts? 

These palettes are definitely not dupes, but I'm sure if you want to create similar looks with more affordable palettes, or you just really enjoy this type of shade but you don't really want to spend too much money, look into these two palettes for sure. (Now that I think of it, the Zoeva Matte palette might actually have more and closer matches to the Urban Decay palette, but I don't own that one so I can't really confirm that). They are both amazing as well, although I think this Urban Decay Naked Heat might become my new absolute favourite.

Lots of love,


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