How I keep my makeup collection streamlined


So, I want to start off this post by telling you the story of my makeup collection.
IN SHORT. Because we'd be like TL;DR in about 5 seconds if I'd tell you the whole thing.

I started off with a pretty small collection. I remember doing my first ever collection post, and it's nothing compared with what I would own years later. At that time, I thought it was quite a lot of makeup already, but I still thought I needed more, because I saw all these other bloggers and YouTubers with their huge collections.

Sorry for my pre-historic photo skills on this pic! All my makeup used to fit in here, crazy huh?

I always wanted more, especially things I couldn't really get. My time in the UK has done no good for my purse. All of a sudden I had access to all these brands - drugstore and high end - that I would hear about on the internet, but couldn't really get in any physical stores, or even online, here in Belgium.

At some point, I had such a ridiculous amount of makeup, I decided to declutter and give away lots of my makeup that I wasn't particularly enjoying to friends, or chucking it if I thought it was expired or looked gross. It was something that needed to be done before I came back to Belgium, I would have never been able to take all of it with me! Even back here, I still thought "wow I brought back a hell of a lot more makeup than I took with me. Djeez".

Fast forward to today, and for the first time I feel like my makeup collection is a manageable size, and I don't feel the need to go and buy new makeup every other week. How I achieved that state of mind? That's what I actually want to talk about today.

Admitted, I still think I have way more makeup than I actually need. But, since getting into makeup, I feel like I've tried a lot of everything and made my mind up about certain categories: that I can't get rid of any of my high end makeup as easily as I can separate from my drugstore makeup, or that I think drugstore mascaras are just as good as high end ones, but can't help myself trying a high end one from time to time, or that a few drugstore products are that good, I can't get myself to get rid of them.

What I've also learned, is that I really don't need dupes of each other, just for the sake of my blog. I would love to be able to be in a position where I earn money with my blog and I could justify buying a drugstore dupe for a high end product I already own, just to make sure I cover all bases on my blog. That's what I used to convince myself with. But I've learned that my blog is getting nowhere so I might as well throw out any dupes, and just keep the better one.

Of course everyone has their guilty pleasures. I can't get rid of my Zoeva eyeshadow palettes, or my Urban Decay Naked ones. But I feel like I've come to a point now where I go through my collection, and I can't throw out anything anymore, because at some point I will be able to finish it all up. (okay maybe not highlighters, but definitely everything else). And I'm trying so hard to get as much use out of every single product as I can. And I won't even be sad if I ever finish up a limited edition product, because there's no point in not using it because you don't want it to be gone. Then why do you own it in the first place?

It's all about changing your mindset. Be brutal in decluttering, and then you can feel happy about the amount of products you own, and you will know exactly what you own. Once you're back to a manageable amount, I bet you won't look at makeup twice when you step into Boots or any department store. 

Last tip that I can give you: make it a challenge to keep your collection as "minimal" as possible, whatever that means to you. I love doing my empties posts, so I make sure that I try and use up a product before I start a new one (for skincare, mostly). With my Project Pan, I'm really forcing myself to use one particular product a lot and not change up my blush, highlight or foundation every other week. That way I can use something up before I move onto the next one, and it really helps in keeping my collection as it is. I only do repurchases that I need (like mascaras or concealers that actually run out in a few months) and I try not to buy too many face powders or eyeshadows anymore, unless it's really unique, limited edition (and something I really really want) or collectibles (e.g. the new Urban Decay Naked palette). I don't go and buy the first new release anymore, unless I think it really adds to my collection.

I hope you've found some inspiration in this. Let me know if you have any more tips on this topic down below!

Lots of love,


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