The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil


Hey everyone!

So, I wanted to talk about something different today. Not the standard makeup post for you, but a bit of education on a product I've been using for a while now: Tea Tree Oil.

I'm sure all beauty lovers who are reading this will have seen or heard about the Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop. I've been usingit for years now, to surpress breakouts and make sure spots heal well and don't leave redness. This tea tree oil, however, has only 15% pure oil in it. It's obviously a less concentrated version, as you use it on your face, close to your eyes and nose, and it wouldn't be all too great if pure tea tree oil got into your nostrils, as it can be quite toxic.

Now I never thought about it a bit further, until last summer my dad's cousin from France tought me a few tricks with it. She told me she uses pure tea tree oil for so many different reasons. When I had a bee sting, she used it to disinfect my bee sting, she uses it on mosquito bites to calm the itches, and when we got to talk about it, I started looking up on the internet what more uses it could have. It shocked me that you can literally use it for everything!

So that's what I want to share with you today. A few of the main uses for pure tea tree oil. I got myself one from PurEssentiel at the pharmacy in France, but I'm sure you can get it at every kind of nature store, or even online.

Acne, wounds & insect bites

Tea tree oil can help your skin heal better. It desinfects and prevents the skin from scarring. Apparently, tea tree oil was used excessively in WWII to desinfect wounds. Dipping a little bit onto a wound or spot, will help it to take away bacteria and dry out the spot, making sure it goes away smoothly. You can put a few drops into your moisturiser as well, but make sure not to come anywhere near your eyes when doing this. Finally, it also helps reducing itches from insect bites. Even cold sores and warts can be treated with it - just make sure you don't get it directly into your mouth; it's toxic!

Respiration & congestion

When you vaporise tea tree oil into your room, it will help you breathe and cure your cold. In this way, it has the same effect as eucalyptus has on your lungs. It can be used preventive, so if you make a habbit out of it, you won't catch a cold as easily in the future.

Sweat & fungal infections

Another use for tea tree is putting a few drops into your bath water. Again, it desinfects the skin, so if you put it into your bath, it will help reduce sweatiness and prevent yeast infections from developing. You can also just soak your hands or feet into a bowl of warm water with tea tree, for the same reasons, or to cure dry cuticles, toenail fungus... 

Muscle relief

So the next main use for tea tree is that is can relieve pain, especially muscle pains. Not only does putting it into your bath water relieve you from your congestion and desinfect your skin, but it can also de-stress your body, making your muscles relax and relieve the pain.

Hair & lice

Finally, one of the key uses is putting it onto your hair to get rid of head lice and dandruff. Even if you don't have to deal with any of those, you can mix a few drops into your shampoo, which will strengthen your hair, scalp, and prevent dandruff.

Now, I bet you didn't know any of these tricks, huh? It's such a handy product to have in your bathroom. Everyone should invest in a bottle, as you only really need a few drops every time and it will last you absolute ages. Make sure that when you do, close the bottle well after use, keep it out of the sunlight and store it in a cool place so it doesn't expire, and keep it out of reach for children. Usually, these type of products have a safety-screw cap on, but just in case, make sure your little ones can't reach for it!

Let me know in the comments if you use tea trea oil for any of these - or other things that I don't know of. Spread the world!

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