What if I removed every product I'm allergic to from my makeup collection?



So, I've known for a while now what is causing the allergic reaction in my eyes, but because of my crazy scheduling treat I haven't really had the chance to formally update you guys any sooner.

I thought I'd make this a bit more fun than just a regular Life Update post.
This is what my makeup collection currently looks like, against what it would look like if I would actually remove every product I'm technically allergic to?

A little bit of explanation here before I start. I'm basically allergic to Kobalt and Nickel. Kobalt is everything with blue pigment (so yes, that can even be blue pigment on a bag, in my clothing, even if washing detergent is blue, my eyes could have an allergic reaction to my white bedsheets that are washed with the blue washing detergent). Blue pigment can also be found it colours like purple (red+blue) and green (yellow+blue). Meaning, I could be allergic to all of the makeup that's purple-, blue- and green-toned.

At the same time, Nickel is what could potentially be in anything that shines. So that's in every metal object (like door handles, makeup brushes, cutlery, pens, locks and zippers on trousers/bags/purses...), but I do have a testing fluid to see what contains nickel in particular, as everything could contain it, but certainly not everything actually does. So everything shiny, that means every shimmery makeup item could possibly contain nickel as well.

Now, it's quite impossible to test all my makeup items, but just roughly say that I'm technically possibly allergic to everything green, blue, purple and also shimmery, sparkly and glittery in my makeup collection, and I were to get rid of every possible item, what would still be left of my collection? You find it out right here.

The first drawer of my MUJI-unit contains some single eyeshadows and all of my eye pencils and eyeliners. Most of which are in the colour range on the shimmery side. Look what would be left in this drawer if I took out all of those products?

Now how's that for decluttering, am I right?

 The next drawer contains my brow products, eye bases and mascaras. Pretty sure only the few mascaras on the right fall into the allergic-category, and I'm actually pretty sure that blue Armani mascara actually makes my eyes water a lot.

I guess I'd be able to keep all of the basics that I need in my routine.

I'm pretty sure lipsticks won't change anything to my allergy, as I think my mouth is far away enough from my eyes. Besides, I don't really own many purple lipsticks anyways. I didn't even take the effort to include my lip pencils and crayons in here, as it would just be the same story anyways. Phew!

The next drawer is filled with my base products, which I'm delighted to say I'm able to use and not react to! Same as with the lip products, I'm sure I'd keep all of these products. Apart from the little Nyx refill, which kind of has a little bit of shimmer in it.

Now this drawer is something else! Most of these products I use daily, some I keep in this drawer to remind me to use it more often, or that I want to start using more every day. Look what would e left of it...

... Not much, apart from a few mascaras, a black liquid liner and a Chanel blush.

I'm too obsessed with bronzers, and most of them are shimmery, too! Look at how little would still be in my collection if I were to only keep the matte ones? Probably still enough to get me through the next few years but still...

A few of my absolute favourites are still in there, luckily!

My blushes and highlighters... Oh dear god, I just realised I'd have to get rid of all of my highlighters! How could I ever do that?

Seriously though. This is unheard of, right?

Lastly, my eyeshadow drawer. I thought, you know, I can't just get rid of all of the palettes that contain at least 1 shimmery shade? I'd have to keep a few, just because they have some amazing matte shades in there to use. But it's kind of disheartening to see how little would remain in this drawer... I could never abandon my eyeshadows like that!

Wow. Shocking. My collection would actually fit inside one drawer!
Now let's continue to ignore this stupid allergy and just put in some eyedrops everyday, okay? I can't cope with this... Will leave the glitter and the blue shades for special occasions, then. :-)

Hope you enjoyed this spin on my allergy-update/makeup collection post-in-one!

Lots of love,


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