Budget finds at the moment - are they worth it?


Hey peeps!

So, it had been a very long time since I went drugstore shopping.
I tried to pick up some goodies to test out for you and see if they are any good.

Let's find out how I got on with them lately!

MaxFactor Creme Bronzer - 05 Light Gold

The shade name makes me wonder if there are at least four other shades of this bronzer, and why there's only one of them in stores here in Belgium, but I picked this up just to see if it's just as good as I remember the Creme Puff blushes to be. Now I was already convinced about the formula, and just like the blushes this one is very blendable and easy to work with. The shade I have is just nothing spectacular. On my skin tone, it is just another bronzer, and it's nothing compared to my Hourglass bronzer (which is the high end bronzer this one seems to be compared to quite a lot). I guess it's an okay bronzer, if you're looking for a subtle, simple one, I'd totally recommend it.

Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder - 10 bababanana

I don't know if it's a new addition to the collection, but I've never spotted it before. Therefore I had to try it out, as I usually love myself some matte highlight powders to set my undereye concealer. Now because it was only €2,99 I couldn't leave it, but obviously didn't expect much of it. As I assumed, it has quite the kickback when I dip my brush in it, but for some reason I don't mind it being a bit more powdery. I try to build up more product so that I can sort of bake my concealer. The shade is perfect for me, not too light and not too yellow, just right. I think for a few bucks this is a total gem!

Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer  - Neutralizer

I've had this concealer before, but I'd always have the "light" shade (which was totally NOT light at all but I loved it anyways) before this product left the market for a bit. Now it's back and they've brought out more shades. This time, I went for the neutralizer, which seemed to be just the right shade. I love using it again and remembered how much I liked the fact that it's super lightweight on the skin. Although it's super expensive for a drugstore concealer, it's definitely a good'un!

Catrice Ombré Two Tone lipstick - 020 Nude York City Style

Now this is a funny one. I totally get the concept and main idea of this, but it has the strangest shape to it and I don't understand how that would ever work well. You're supposed to apply it with the dark shade on the outer rim of your lips, but when you try to do that on the lower lip, you basically have to hold it upside down and hold it weird just so that the dark side is on the right side. Too bad all the effort would be for nothing, as the two shades completely blend together as soon as I put my lips together. It's a nice shade and a nice formula, but I wouldn't say you really have to try this out. To me, it's just a gimmick created by a trend that everyone is coming out with, but no one is really rocking it, and I think it's time to move on and invent something else.

l'Oréal Paradise Extatic mascara

For some reason, the one mascara that everyone talked about as "the dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex" never realeased in Europe (or Belgium, that is) in its original form. I do think that this one is supposed to be the same one, as the wand really resembles it. I'm a massive fan of this mascara, the formula is not too wet (which may cause it to dry out faster but oh well) and it separates my lashes beautifully. I'm really digging this one and I think I might have found my new favourite. I really hope they will keep making this one for a long time!

I'm overall quite pleased with my recent drugstore purchases. Have you tried anything new from the drugstore lately that people really need to check out? Let us know in the comments below!

Here's some swatches for a few of the products mentioned above.

Swatches: Catrice Ombré Two Tone - Nude York City Style, MaxFactor Creme Bronzer - Light Gold

PS: by the way, I'm selling some makeup bits on Depop. Go to @charlinehasablog and you can find some of the items I've got on sale. I'm happy to send it over, but of course I live in Belgium, so if there's any Belgian readers here: go check it out! There's Too Faced, The Balm, Kiko, YSL, Zoeva and many more to get there.

Lots of love,


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