Project Pan That Product: update #24


Hey everyone!

So, I kind of changed up the format of the pictures that usually go with this kind of post, but I was tired of always trying to position them in the exact same way. I don't think it goes with the rest of my pictures anyways, so I thought I'd just change it around.

Everything else is still the same old, let's dive into the products and see the progress!

I finished up the Smashbox Light It up Contour Palette and replaced it with the ColourPop Lippie Stix in Hype Girl.

Today the products look like this:

Too Faced Born This Way foundation - Nude

Oh my, I can't believe how much I've used this one! It's so hard to get any product out these days, I might as well put the leftovers in a little round pot so I can use it more easily. I will be sad when it's gone though. I'll probably get another month's use out if this bottle.

Estée Lauder Little Black Liner - 01 Onyx

I haven't really used this one a lot lately, but whenever I do wear eyeliner, I always reach for this one. I think this might get me a lot further than I expected, as I don't always use the same end and therefore it doesn't dry out as quickly. I'm really growing fond of it, and I'll probably stock up on it when I get the chance!

YSL Full Metal Liquid Eyeshadow - 5 Steamy Coral

I have worn this one loads recently, and I think it's finally starting to show in my application; the wand is a bit dryer than usual, but I still manage to get loads of product out of the tube. I never thought this particular shade would make for a great base on almost every (shimmery) eyeshadow. It makes the shade just that tiny bit warmer in undertone, which I love.

Benefit Coralista blush

Ah, I'm so happy that my progress is showing with this blush. As I told you before, I use it more as a blush topper / highlighter as it doesn't give off a lot of pigment anymore, but in combination with a more pink-toned blush I think it looks amazing. There's still loads left in there, though.

Benefit Watt's Up highlighter

The stick is getting shorter and shorter every time, which I'm very happy about. I'm really trying to make the most out of this highlighter, and I can't believe how much progress I've made on it. It does really last a life time, to be fair, as I must admit I haven't been using it sparingly when I do, and I also take it to experiment on days where I don't really wear any makeup, but still want to try out new combinations on the back of my hand, compare highlighters etc., so counting all that, I think it hasn't even progressed all that much!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer - 3 Medium Matte

Ahhh, I also majorly hit pan on this one now and I am starting to get sad it's almost gone. This beautiful bronzer has become one of my absolute favourite bronzers EVER, and I'm not just saying that. I can't recommend it enough to everyone, but I'm also happy to be moving onto another bronzer soon. Still want to make the most out of this one first, which I'm sure I will.

Kiko Extra Sculpt Waterproof mascara

This one has gone quite clumpy and dry, so I'm getting rid of it! I'm sure it's well over its expiration date as well. As always I will add in a new mascara.

ColourPop Lippie Stix - Hype Girl

This formula is so soft that it kind of feels like I'm always using way more than I need, especially when I swatch it on the back of my hand. This was probably the quickest product I've ever finished up. Glad I got to wear it a few times to keep hold of the summer feeling in September.

2 products completely gone, 2 will be added into the project:

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick - 740 Coffee Craze

This lovely lipstick is kind of sitting in my "everyday makeup" drawer anyways, so I figured I might as well throw it in here. It really does suit every look or season, so I can't wait to wear it on the daily.

Urban Decay Perversion mascara

I've been using this one for a bit already, and I came to love and hate it at the same time. It could be my new lash curlers that are just not keeping the curl in my lashes, but this one is also not helping. I love how it separates my lashes though, I might just need to find the right mascara to layer it with.

Lots of love,


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