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Hey everyone!

I went into the NYX store in Hasselt on Tuesday, randomly, only to see they had a new collection in.
It immediately caught my attention, so I had a good stare at it for about half an hour, then decided which palette I was going to go for.

I was pleasantly surprised they did lots of lip colours to go with the collection as well.
I picked up one palette and one lipstick in the collection, so I will give my first impressions on both of those, and I also received a free palette because I bought for a minimum of €40 in total.

I will show you that at the end of the post as well.

Someone is very excited to share this with you!

So a little info about the In Your Element collection. This one is build around the four elements, although Air & Wind are different here, and there's also an added "metal" one. Every element has its own shades, with Air, Wind and Water being more cool toned with a lot of blue shades, and Fire and Earth being a lot more warm toned. Metal is - as you could have guessed - a full metalised palette. Every element has their own lipsticks as well, and if I'm right there's three for each element.

I was looking at Earth and Fire, as I normally lean towards the warmer shades, but also because I am allergic to everything blue toned... All of these looked stunning in their own way, and the packaging really adds to that.

I ended up buying the Fire palette, and a Metal lipstick in the shade S04 Metallic Gold. I have never tried a metallic lipstick before, and this one looked quite good to me.

Before we go into the shades, I quickly want to mention that I do think these products were quite pricey, coming from NYX. I didn't expect the palette to be €29,90, but I'd happily recommend it for that price if the quality of the shadows lives up to it. Same for the lipstick: this one was €8,90 I believe, so it better be good!

I love the shade selection of this palette, it has a good mix of mattes, shimmers and metallics, and I think I can create lots of looks with this one. I'm also surprised to see there is a black (or rather dark grey) in here, which always comes in handy for a smoky look! The only thing I'm missing is an actual highlight shade. Apart from the shimmery greeny-gold shade there really isn't any in this palette.

The palettes contain 12 shades, which I think is a good amount. The pans are a decent size, so I do think for the amount of product you get, it really does live up to the price. From first swatch they seem very pigmented as well.

Onto the swatches! They don't have any names, but they got numbers on the back of the box so I'll just stick to those.

First row
1. shimmery green with a gold undertone
2. matte yellow with specks of glitter running through
3. matte beige with specks of glitter running through
4. matte deep red-toned brown

Second row

5. shimmery dark chocolate
6. shimmery true gold
7. matte bright red
8. matte dark grey / black

Third row

9. matte burnt orange
10. matte aubergine
11. duochrome dark brown with blue reflect
12. shimmery copper

I'm especially in love with the red, orange and shimmery copper shade in this palette. Right up my street. Also, the duo-tone shades looks really pretty and reminds me of the Mac Blue Brown pigment.

Now overall the shadows are really pigmented. It's hard to get the quality of bright shades right, and the yellow shade is quite chalky, as is the dark grey one. I expected more from that almost-black shade, but it's really chalky and not buildable at all. Such a shame. (See the quick review on the second palette down below, which also includes a matte black eyeshadow!) The other matte shades are a lot creamier and have way less fallout. The shimmers are quite a good quality, so I'm really happy with that. They all blend really well on the lid, and most of the matte shades are really super pigmented when applied with a brush on the lid as well. The shimmers might need some extra help, but nothing you can't fix with a bit of setting spray or applied with your finger.

I think apart from the odd one out, this palette is a true winner.

For this eyelook I've used the beige (3) as a base, then put the red-ish brown (4) in the crease and on the lower lash line, deepened the outer edges with the dark aubergine (10) as well as put this on the lower lash line, then put a pop of shimmer on the inner half of the upper and lower lid with the gold (6). Last but not least I made an attempt of highlighting the inner corners with that greeny gold shade (1).

The Metallic Gold lipstick I chose is from the Metal collection, as the ones from the Fire collection didn't really scream my name. I was really intrigued by this metal nude shade, though. 

This lipstick definitely packs a punch. I can't wait to try out the longevity of it. I have no clue how to wear it though, what shades on my eyes I should combine it with. I'm happy to have this in my collection to experiment with.

I'm overall really impressed with this range and I think they did fabulous! I do think the Air palette looked really nice, too. Although I wouldn't know when to ever wear those shades. :-)

Because I picked up these two items plus a restock on the Matte Finish Setting Spray, I did get a perk with my €40+ purchase. I received a whole palette, one they actually sell in their collection!
The NYX Love Contours All palette consists of powder-products only, and contains 2 highlighters, 2 contour shades, 9 eyeshadows and 2 brow shades. This palette retails for €22 here in Belgium.

At first sight, I don't think I'll ever use the brow shades on my brows, but I might as well use them as eyeshadows.

I think there's a good selection in this palette to try out, and this could possibly be a good one for travel, as I wouldn't need to bring separate eyeshadows, contour/bronzers or highlighters. Just my base products and a blush, that's it!

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. highlighter with gold undertone
2. highlighter duochrome white with purple reflect
3. light contour shade, ashy undertone
4. dark contour shade, warm undertone
5. light eyebrow shade
6. dark eyebrow shade

I was a bit surprised at how they put a golden highlight - which is quite dark in undertone - in there, combined with a duochrome one with a purple undertone. I feel like they should have kept the lighter one a bit more neutral, so people could mix the two highlighters together to create a custom shade. I don't feel like these two would match at all. The light contour shade looks nice, the darker one would be more of a bronzer on me. They are super pigmented, and I'm afraid not the best ones I've tried. I think the contour shades apply quite patchy, so I might just use them as eyeshadows as well. The brow shades are quite intense, and I think a good addition to the selection of eyeshadows.

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. matte pale white with pink undertone
2. shimmery taupe
3. shimmery copper with pink undertone
4. matte dark purple
5. matte light pink with specks of glitter running through
6. matte dark brown with red undertone
7. shimmery dark brown
8. matte light mauve
9. matte black

The lighter shades are very chalky, I must admit. The more shimmery shades are super pigmented and a lot more creamy to swatch. The quality is very comparable to the In Your Element: Fire palette overall and I think it's a good selection of neutrals and darks in here. The black shade in here is actually way better than the one in the Fire palette! I can't believe they couldn't just put this same one in there... Last but not least: I still feel like there's no real good highlight eyeshadow shade in here - even though there's two actual highlighters in this palette. The gold one is just a bit too dark and the light one is way too purple to do a neutral look. The light shades in here are matte, and aren't really good. I wish there would just be a shimmery pale shade to put in the inner corners...
But I'm glad to have received this as a perk, nonetheless and can't wait to start creating looks with both of the palettes!

Have you tried any eyeshadows from NYX? Or NYX products in general? What are your experiences with them, and which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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