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Hey lovelies,

Bit of a more "TL;DR" post today for you lot.

I sometimes wonder how I manage to keep doing this blogging thing, knowing that I don't have/take time to read other blogs, engage in the community and promote my blog posts. Like, what use is there to put effort into perparing, writing and scheduling posts if no one is going to read it after all?

And then I had an epiphany.
Here's why I just keep blogging, no matter what.

Everyone has their ups and downs sometimes. I've seen multiple bloggers go an a hiatus, disappear for a certain amount of time and then sometimes stay gone, or sometimes come back, completely refreshed and ready to kick off the 2.0 version of their blog and their persona.

When I first started blogging, I never thought anyone would read my blog. And for a while, that was actually the case. I noticed that reading & commenting on other blogs really helped me to gain some followers and some comments on my own posts as well.

I started promoting my blog more on twitter and regularly pre-scheduled tweets to go up via websites and apps like Buffer, just so everyone would see my posts. Back then, I used to daily blog, which meant a new post went up every single day.

I started slacking for a bit and realised I couldn't keep this daily thing up for much longer. I cut back on my schedule, which gave me a lot more time and freedom to create new posts. I would do massive makeup looks and loved it, even though I wasn't getting many comments.

My following grew for a bit, mostly on Bloglovin' (which honestly, I never use anymore). It used to be my main platform for blogging, but is anyone still using that, really? By following others I would get a lot of followers back, but it never worked that way on twitter or instagram. People stayed with you on Bloglovin', but people just follow to unfollow again on the other platforms. Which is pure shite. I never follow someone just to make them follow me back, and how sad is it that you then unfollow them immediately?!
 I mean, come on.

So multiple times I would think "well my following isn't growing anymore, I don't take time to promote my posts anymore and I sure need to step up my game with joining twitter chats and just engage with other bloggers around me. Maybe if I take some time off and cut back the schedule again, I will realise that this blog isn't going to take me anywhere professionally, I might as well slowly fade it out. Let's not do the schedule anymore and post random brain farts whenever I feel like it?"

This is exacly the train of thought I had when writing my New Year's Resolution post at the beginning of this year. And then I read it back recently, and realised that for some reason I just stuck to the 2-posts-a-week-schedule after all (until recently, that is, when life hit me and everything was just super busy). And I keep filling up my little planner with ideas, 2 for every week of the year, and I keep photographing a lot in advance and scheduling and writing. But, how did I not listen to my own advice and take it slow? Take time for music instead - which, in case you were wondering, I haven't really done yet since I promised myself I would? I feel quite guilty about that.

So why is it then, that I keep doing this blogging thing, mind you, BEAUTY blogging thing, even though I'm not getting as much comments or likes as I thought I would get after 3 whole years of blogging?

I guess the one thing that does keep me motivated, is my passion for beauty and makeup. My personality trait to want to share all the good stories and finds with other people. The urge to keep practicing my English writing skills. To follow the trends and give my opinion on them. The schedule that I'm sticking to, which gives me a lot of structure in at least one aspect of my life. And the few comments that I do get, which always make my heart warm inside. I love every single person that takes a few minutes of their time to read my post and leave a genuine comment about it. It makes all the effort of creating a blog post worth the while.

No matter how many (or little) people read my blog, as long as ideas pop into my head and keep me motivated to put my thoughts into writing, then I will keep doing this. Even if I get no comments at all.

Thanks for the ones sticking around - you know when it's you I'm talking about! - I really appreciate your presence on my little corner on the internet. 

Big love,


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