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Little extra in-between post for you today.

So, as we're halfway through Advent (or we were, 2 days ago, but obviously I couldn't get a post up on the day itself as I was working and I had a scheduled post for yesterday) I wanted to give you an update on the first half of the Clinique "12 Days of Clinique" advent calendar I'm going through this month.

I think it's was so worth getting it and the first 12 products are overall pretty amazing, so a quick little review/first impressions of what I think about the products in the calendar seemed just in place. I have tried out these products at least once, to make sure I can tell you about the consistency etc. Some I've already tried and tested in the past, some are completely new to me.

Oh, if you want to see the rest of the products before part 2 goes up, I'm opening the calendar every day on my instagram @charlinehasablog. Head over there for the updates (and other blogging and beauty content in general.)

DAY 1: Chubby Stick moisturising lip colour balm - 06 Woppin' Watermelon

I remember owning a few of the Chubby Stick Intense lip colours a long time ago, and as a beginning lipstick wearer I thought they were pretty good and very moisturising. I had never seen - or heard - about the lip balm versions of this collection. This little number is a gorgeous nude-pink shade, really moisturising and just the right amount of pigment for a balm. I'm not a massive fan of pink toned lip products, I would have prefered a more nude or peach tone, but I don't mind this one actually. It's tiny, though; what you see is what you get with this mini edition, no twist up action or anything. Still, it's nice to try it out like this and a very good start of the calendar. 

DAY 2: Pep-Start eye cream

I've always wanted to try this eye cream, but never picked it up because I wasn't sure it's right for me. I'm so happy this came in the calendar so I can give it a go. I've only tried it once so far, but I must say it's so very hydrating and lightweight with its gel consistency, I'm already quite obsessed with it. I think it's a product that would work for most skin types as well, as your undereye area can always use that bit of extra moisture, even if you have a typically oily skin.

DAY 3: Cream Shaper for eyes - 01 Black Diamond

A standard, black mini pencil came in this door. I guess you can never go wrong with that. It's really easy to apply and to smudge out as needed, but once it dries it really sets and I the one time i've tried it so far, I didn't experience any smudging throughout the day. Thumbs up from me!

DAY 4: Take The Day Off makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips

Simply put: it's a waterproof makeup remover, which you can tell by the oily layer there is in this product. You have to shake it well, but it's an amazing makeup remover. Would I ever spend my money on the full size? Probably not; I've had this sample size before and I thought it was good, but it's not better than, let's say, the Garnier Oil-infused Micellar Water, which I've discovered since then. It kind of has the same effect. But this lovely little makeup remover will have a spot in my travel-size skin care collection so I can take it with me when I'm travelling next.

DAY 5: Clinique Smart SPF 15

The Clinique Smart line is typically more expensive than their other products, but I think it contains some definite must-haves. I've been using the eye cream of this collection for ages, but I'm not sure if this moisturiser is really for me. I tend to keep away from creams that have SPF in it (I know, shocking, don't shoot me, I have a good reason) as they tend to make me quite oily, which I already am. This moisturiser is the one for Dry Combination skin, which is completely the other way from what type of skin I have, so I will say I probably will only use this cream if I ever run out and need to use this in between repurchasing the one I'm using, or if I'm traveling for only one or two nights and it wouldn't hurt to use this. Creams that are targeted for dry/combination skin break me out quite often, so I might actually end up giving this one to my mum, or a friend. I'm convinced it's a lovely product though, and I'm sure they do one exactly the same but for oily/combination skin as well, which might suit me better. This one just feels a bit too creamy for my likings.

DAY 6: Blushing Blush Powder -  Precious Posy

I don't know if this is a product they actually sell in their permanent collection (I don't think I've seen it on their counters) or if they just developed this blush especially for the calendar (which would be a shame!) but this blush is just the nicest colour on my skin tone! It's sort of caramel-y when I apply it, it gives me such a natural rosy flush. It looks shimmery in the pan, but it doesn't look like a shimmery blush on the cheeks; it just gives you a healthy glow, and I'm obsessed! This might become a new favourite. I really hope they sell this in the permanent collection so people can buy this stunner.

DAY 7: Blush Brush

This brush might actually be developed for this calendar, as I don't think they spent too long designing and testing this one. It's supposed to be a blush brush - which sounded good, right after getting the blush in day 6, but I just wish the shape would have been different; The bristles are quite stiff, but I can live with that, as long as the brush is angled or tapered. It feels so soft and nice, but for a shape like this, the hairs are just not bendy enough. I might try to use this as a contour brush, see if it would be any good for that. But to apply blush, I'll stick to the ones I've been using all along.

DAY 8: 7 Day Scrub Cream

I have owned multiple tubes of this scrub cream in the past, and I remember it being really good. The only reason I stopped repurchasing it is because it was getting quite expensive, whilst I knew there were other scrubs out there that are a lot cheaper and probably just as good. This facial scrub is really good for sensitive skin though, as the beads inside are really tiny and not harsh for your skin at all, it's a really smooth and soft formula. If you're acne-prone, I can highly recommend this scrub cream. I love how big this mini is as well, it feels very generous!

DAY 9: Moisture Surge extended thirst relief

In contrast to the Clinique Smart moisturiser for dry/combination skin, this moisturiser has a very gel-like consistency. It's meant for the "thirsty skin", so I'm guessing it can do wonders in winter time. I don't tend to get really dry at all, not even in the colder months, but I'm sure this will come in handy just in case I get some dry patches. A definite saviour if you're going on winter holidays, and need that bit of extra hydration. Very excited to keep this one around in my collection and try it out when I need it the most.

DAY 10: Clinique Smart Night 

This is kind of the same one as before, but one without SPF, so it's meant to be applied at night. I'm kind of bummed by the fact that tis one is the Dry/Combination one again, I mean, I know they can't make two or three different calendars just for people with different skin concerns, but I kind of hoped that either of the two Smart Moisturizers would have been for oily/combination skin. That way, people with more oily skin types would also have been able to test out at least one of the two. Now I feel like they just thought a greater percentage of people would have dry/combination skin so they opted for that. Kind of a let-down, to be honest... I feel like I could potentially get away with the night cream though, but I would never recommend anyone to use a skin care product that's not catered for your skin type. There's a reason why they are different. So yeah, I really hope there's a few products coming that I will be able to use on my face, and so will people with oily skin, as not everyone has dry skin and it would be a waste of money buying this calendar if all moisturisers in it are made for one particular skin type...

DAY 11: Deep Comfort hand & cuticle cream

I love testing out new hand creams, so I was pleasantly surprised with this little tube. I reckon it will get me a long way. It feels really lightweight and sinks into the sink really easily, but it still is very moisturising. I think I'm gonna love this one!

DAY 12: Lash Power mascara - 01 Black Onyx

I'm not going to try this one out yet, as I still have a few mascaras on the go at the moment and don't want it to dry out before I can even use it, but I've received Clinique mascara samples in the past. If this is the same one I used before, I know that it's a good, standard mascara for everyday. I can't wait to try it out and see if maybe it's different and even better!

Overall, I'm quite chuffed with the first half of the products. A lot of them I will actually take up in my daily skincare routine, some of them I might just keep on the side for when I'm travelling next, and the makeup-bits are definitely nice to have lying around. I'm sure I'll use that blush a lot, for sure!

I will report on the second half of the calendar after Christmas. Make sure to follow me on social media so you won't miss it when it goes up!

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