24 Days of Clinique: part 2


Hey everyone!

Today I'm reviewing the second part of the 24 Days Of Clinique advent calendar for you.
if you've missed the first part, you can check it out right here.

You might have seen me open it on my instagram @charlinehasablog. I'm not giving you my full thoughts on every single product!

DAY 13: Liquid Facial Soap Mild

I mentioned in Part 1 how I felt like they could have put in some more products for oily skin, instead of just assuming everyone has dry skin in winter. Now I saw this facial soap and I have used it before in the past, but that was the one for oily combination skin. Again, this product is for dry combination skin, which is such a bummer. I just don't want to use products that are not made for my type, as it could potentially break me out. That being said, I remember loving this one so I can recommend it to you.

DAY 14: Clarifying Lotion 2

Although this is also meant for dry combination skin, yet I remember using this particular one at some point, as number 3 (the oily combination one) was quite harsh for my skin. I actually quite like this lotion and will sure incorporate it into my skincare routine!

DAY 15: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

I use the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel already, which again is for oily skin. This one is for very dry skin, which again I'm not going to use for that reason. I tried a bit on my hand and it really feels like it won't sink into my skin all too well. Such a shame 'cause this could have easily been the one for normal skin or even oily skin.

DAY 16: Pop Lip Colour + Primer - 08 Cherry Pop

After all that negativity from my side, this is a refreshing product to come in the calendar. It's a super bright and very pigmented red lipstick. It feels very moisturising as well, I'm only wondering how longlasting it will be. It's called "lip colour + primer" and I have no idea how you would use this as a "base" for other lip products. Nevermind though, I'm sure I will keep it around for the festive days!

DAY 17: All About Eyes

I guess this is just your standard, moisturising eye cream, which is completely fine. I love eye creams like that on the daily. This one promises to reduce dark circles and puffiness, so I'm very excited to try this one out. It feels a bit heavier than the Pep-Start one I received earlier this month, but I can feel that it sinks in really well, so it won't disturb my concealer or anything. I bet this is from the same range as the Moisture Surge moisturiser, as it has the same kind of packaging.

DAY 18: Moisture Surge Intense

This one doesn't seem to say "dry combination" skin in particular, so I guess I could use this if I feel like my skin could use a pick-me-up, maybe on a day where I've been sitting at home all day in the dry air with the heating on. It feels very light on the skin, which I do really like, but it also feels like it leaves some kind of "film" on my skin, which is not what a moisturiser needs to do for me. It needs to sink in and that's that, I don't need the extra hours of moisture. At this point I'd kind of had enough of all the moisturisers in this calendar. This is the 5th one in here and all of them are particularly made for dryer skin.

DAY 19: rinse-off foaming cleanser

I'm so relieved to see a product that comes a bit closer to my oily skin, as this one is for "normal" skin. I'm wondering what the difference is between this one and the Liquid Facial Soap, as it feels quite the same once you lather it with some water and apply it to the face. I had never really heard of this one, either, so we'll see how we get on.

DAY 20: Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum

I'm very excited about this particular one, as I really love the Custom-Repair Eye Treatment. I don't think I need to use this one every day though, but I might just incorporate it into my skin care routine a few times a week. Super stoked to give this one a go.

DAY 21: Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

This is another product of the "moisture surge" range and although it sounds like it's not for me, I do think it's pretty lightweight which is always good. I haven't been able to try it out yet, but I might put this on after NYE, and see how it performs on my skin. It has the same feeling as the Moisture Surge Intense (DAY 18) and leaves that kind of oily film on my hand after applying it, which makes me think it's going to break me out, but we'll see.

DAY 22: Pop Lip Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer - 01 Cocoa Pop

I'm still not sure why they call their lip colours "colur + primer", as I don't see myself priming my lips with these, ever. This is an amazing shade though, it's like a lip gloss but just that bit more pigmented. I don't ever wear lipglosses anymore, so I think I would have preferred a liquid lipstick (if Clinique does does? I think they do?) to a gloss, but I'll see what I can do with it.

DAY 23: Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer

Another moisturiser? Yet, this one has a really interesting consistency. It feels very hydrating, but also mattifying/blurring at the same time. I think I could use this as a makeup primer, to make sure my makeup has something to stick to, but it makes my base nice and even (I hope). Can't wait to try this one out.

DAY 24: Aromatics In Black - Eau De Parfum

I love that they've put in a perfume mini! I'm not a fan of this scent though, but my mum loves it and wears it all the time. I don't think she's tried the "In Black" one yet, but I will happily gift it to her and she'll be well chuffed with it.

Overall impressions of the entire calendar:

There were a lot of moisturisers and other moisturising products in this calendar. I think I expected there to be more variation; if there are 6 different moisturisers in here, why are they all made for dry-combination skin, instead of at least dedicating one or two to oily-combination skin, or even make all of them for "normal" skin so that it lies somewhere in the middle and nobody feels left out?

I think they could have put a few more makeup items in there. I would have left out the blush brush, but instead put in maybe a chubby stick eyeshadow, or a lip liner of some sorts. Even a BB or CC cream would have been a nice addition, instead of so many products that do the same.

I do think, however, that there are some pretty amazing products in here, too. I'm absolutely in love with the blush, and I love that they have put a mini perfume in here as well. Some of these products I can't wait to try and use regularly, others I will happily donate to family and friends with dry skin types. I still think this calendar was worth the money in terms of what you get for it, the size of the products and variation, if you will. I don't think I will buy one next year though, if they stick to their habits, but I loved opening this one a lot.

We are now in a straight line to New Year's Eve, only 2 blog posts left for this year.
Have a good time, I will probably sign off for the next few days. I might post a quick reminder on my instagram or twitter, and comment back if you do. But I will happily put some time in visiting family & friends, instead of being behind a computer all day :)

Hope you've had a jolly Christmas.

Lots of love,


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