Empties #18


Hello everyone,

i know, I only recently did an empties update, but I had so many new ones laying around, I just had to do another one. Here's everything I've used up lately.

First of all, sorry about the bad quality of the pictures. The lighting was such a struggle on the day I took these pictures and I only got to edit them when I already got rid of the products, so I couldn't take them again. Hope it's okay!


Too Faced Born This Way foundation - Nude

Like it? I'm head over heels in love with this foundation. Too bad the shade was initially too dark for me, so that I always had to mix in some lightening drops.

Repurchase? I actually really want to, when I get my hands on it again. I'll pick out a different shade, though!

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer - Light Warm

Like it? I am completely hooked on this concealer and you all know it. I will always go back to it, as nothing else compares to it.
Repurchase? As soon as I finish up the other concealers I am using at the moment.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer - 03 Medium Matte

Like it? This bronzer has been so good to me! I can't believe I actually completely finished it. It's one of the best bronzers I've ever used.
Repurchase? I will try to not repurchase it right away, as I have a million other bronzers to use up first. But I might, some day!

Benefit Watt's Up highlighter

Like it? It's such an easy one to use and I think it's one of those universal shades that really goes with any skin colour. I was kind of fed up with it at the end, but at last. I made it!
Repurchase? Not immediately. Same as with the bronzers, I have so many other highlighters to use up first!

YSL Full Metal Shadow - 05 Steamy Coral

Like it? This was a funny one. It took me some time to actually grow fond of it, but the shade of this is so amazing. I will actually miss it in my collection.
Repurchase? No, I think I have plenty of other shadows that are in the same colour family.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Like it? Actually, I don't * shocking * the controversy * who is this traitor * I know, I know. I always love anything UD, but this one is just not for me. It smells funny, the spray is too intense and doesn't diffuse it all over my face in the right way. Besised, I don't think it works miracles for the lasting power of my make up, either.

Repurchase? Definitely not.


Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment

Like it? I'm all over this moisturiser and I cannot recommend it enough for all my fellow oily-skin type girls.
Repurchase? Will definitely do, although I do like to change up my moisturiser between this and one of the Kiehl's ones from time to time. 

Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial (deluxe sample)

Like it? I admit this one left my skin super soft when I used it. For some reason, I always dreaded using it, and I think it's because of the weird silicone-like texture (which you don't really expect from a mask) and the smell was quite weird as well. (What is it with Ren products and weird smells?) It worked quite well though so I can't complain.
Repurchase? Not really.

Garnier Micellar Water - waterproof

Like it? If you've read my blog before, you will know I'm obsessed with the Garnier micellar waters. This one works so well for taking off my mascara and lipstick!
Repurchase? Definitely.

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner

Like it? I never thought I would like this one when I first picked it up, but I actually really do! I use it right after I've cleansed my skin, and it's just such a good one to take away any left over oils and dirst from my skin.
Repurchase? Probably.


CoLab Dry Shampoo - Original fragrance

Like it? I love the CoLab dry shampoos a lot, and this fragrance is probably my favourite. It's a bit harder to get here in Belgium (I'd have to order it off FeelUnique) but the effort is well worth it.
Repurchase? Obviously!

CoLab Dry + Shampoo - Active

Like it? Just like the regular ones, this one worked very well. I wouldn't say it performed differently to the others, but then again I didn't go and run a marathon wearing it, so I can't compare.

Repurchase? Maybe.

Syoss Volume Lift mousse (mini)

Like it? It's an okay volumising mousse, but it's nothing super special. It is really easy to travel with though, which is what I did with it over summer. I wish all my favourite hair products would come in this size!

Repurchase? Only if I ever need it for traveling.

Aveda Thickening Tonic (sample size)

Like it? I am very impressed with this spray, as I didn't think it would work as well as it does. It makes my hair feel more poofy and thus gives me the volume I really want. My hairdresser used it on me last time I went for a haircut, and gave me the sample to try it out for myself.

Repurchase? Will do at some point, when I run out of the volumising mousse I'm currently on. This product is quite expensive so I'm putting it off as long as I can.

l'Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium mask

Like it? I never really used hair masks until I started using this. It lasted me ages - about 8 or 9 months I'd say, using it once a week on the ends of my hair. Really loved it!

Repurchase? Probably not. I do think that now my hair is a bit less blonde, it doesn't need that much of a hair mask anymore, and just conditioner works alright.


ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Like it? This product is so extra, I know, but if I really can't get to sleep, this spray works a dream. It helps me sleep so much better, such a miracle worker!
Repurchase? Definitely.

Lots of love,

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