Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Subculture' palette - review


Hey everyone!

Bit late to the party, but I finally made the purchase and tried out the ever so controverse eyeshadow palette Subculture by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This was talked about a lot when it released; big YouTubers and bloggers screaming it was so powdery and chalky, had so much kick back it would make you hit pan after a few uses, it was nothing compared to the Modern Renaissance palette, and so on.

I still thought these shades were to die for, and not like anything I already owned.
I had no interest in the Modern Renaissance one, as those aren't really the shades I reach for.

Then one day, FeelUnique released ABH on their website, so I decided to go for it and see for myself. I've used it for a bit now and can give you my full, honest opinion on it.

The packaging is the same as the Modern Renaissance, with the felt outside and black inside. It reminds me of the original Naked Palette from Urban Decay as well. It's a marmite thing; you either really love it because it's soft to the touch, or you really hate it because it gets grubby. I store my palettes in a neat way, so it doesn't really get grubby at all and I really like this type of packaging (for eyeshadow palettes anyways).

The palette contains 14 shades, mostly colourful but some neutral as well. It also comes with a brush, which I personally don't find amazing. The packer brush-end is okay, but the fluffy side is a bit too scratchy for my likings, and it also isn't great for the formula of the eyeshadows, as it scratches out too much unnecessary product. That being said, I'm not too bothered by it, as I always use my own brushes anyways.

The pigment is really there with most of the eyeshadows. Especially the mattes are super pigmented. There are only 3 shimmery/glittery shades in this palette, and the gold one is really opaque, the white/purple duochrome doesn't really show up all that much and the greeny one is nice when layered on top of other shadows, but doesn't do much on its own. 

Most of the shades are quite dark as well. I think I can create a lot of interesting smoky eye looks with this palette, but it's a shame there are so little paler shades in here. I'm definitely missing a decent highlighting shade, something a bit more champagne/rosegold-coloured might have come into use, instead of that first pale purple shade.

It's really impressive how these mattes swatch, both with my finger and applied with a brush on my eyes. The price you pay for that is that, yes, they have a lot of kick back when you dip your brush in them. I think when you know this before you go in, it's manageable to work with. Just use a really light hand, tap off your brush before applying it on the lids and definitely use a really soft brush. It makes that the palette is not one for quickly slapping on something to look half decent, it takes a bit of time to dose the right amount of product on the brush and really blend out the shadows on the lids. But if you have a bit more time, I think this palette is overal really nice.

I don't have a problem with most of these shades, except for Cube and Dawn. I just don't see the use of Cube in this entire palette, as I feel like it doesn't suit any of the shades and it's hardly pigmented. Dawn is just the most powdery of them all, which is not cool, as this should be the most long-lasting one, considering it's the perfect transition shade to start off every look.

Let's see some swatches and see what I think of every shade in particular.

1. Cube: a translucent shade with purple reflect. Pigment hardly comes off of this one, such a shame.
2. Roxy: bright peachy matte shade. Great pigmentation, not too powdery.
3. Dawn: nude peachy beige. Great transition . shade, but super chalky.
4. Electric: Golden green shimmery shade. Perfect for layering on top of the darker shades.

5. Destiny: dark khaki green matte shade. Super pigmented, so light hand is recommended.
6. Fudge: Dark chocolate matte. Looks darker on the eyes than it does in the pan/swatch, but again, super pigmented.
7. Adorn: golden/bronze glitter shade. Feels like a proper pressed pigment, adviced to apply with fingertips!
8. New Wave: matte bright orange. Such a nice one to add colour to a neutral look, using the previously mentioned shadows. Not too powdery either.

9. All Star: burgundy matte. Looks really nice with all the following mattes. Not too powdery.
10. Untamed: blue toned green matte. Very unique colour. Same consistency as most of the mattes. 
11. Mercury: greige matte. Leans more to the brown side than you would expect from the pan. Same consistency, and super pigmented like all of the mattes in this palette.
12. Edge: mustard yellow matte. Another stunning shade in this palette. Nice one to create some really unique looks with.
13. Axis: petrol blue matte. A bit more powdery than the previous mattes, but still really pigmented and workable.
14. Rowdy: dark purple matte. Feels more chalky than the other mattes, which makes it easy to wipe away the pigment when you're blending, but also means it's buildable. Not a massive fan of this particular one but nevertheless a nice addition to the palette.

Some of these shades must have been really hard to make, them being dark matte eyeshadows that are really pigmented. I know by now it's hard to come across a dark matte purple shade that doesn't feel chalky, so I 'm not too bothered by it. I'm really chuffed with the other matte shades in this palette, but - like I said - Dawn really disappoints me. I see so many other brands with shades like these, and they are perfectly fine. It shouldn't be too hard to make this type of nude matte transition shades without them having so much fallout, even if you just tap your brush in lightly. This palette could have been a solid 9/10, but because there's just a few misses in this palette, I just can't seem to give it that.

Although I must say, most people really over-reacted on this one. I still find it a great palette, apart from those few shades, I like everything about this palette and think they made a really pretty combination of the shades in here.

I'm really curious now to see what the Modern Renaissance palette is like. If it's that good, surely I need to try it out? Maybe some day when I'm feeling spendy.

Have you tried this palette? Or any other palette by ABH? Let me know in the comments what you think about their eyeshadows.

Lots of love,

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