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Hey everyone!

I know I'm quite late to be talking about The Ordinary products - I mean, come on, it's 2018 - but I've picked up these items at the end of November, and finally think I've got my opinion ready.

Let's see how i'm getting on with these.

As you might know, I don't usually try out a lot of new skin care items, as I feel like I've got my routine sorted out and it works well for my skin. However, I still wanted to try the few items that could be labeled as "makeup", so I picked up a foundation and a primer.

High-Adherence Silicone Primer
Blurring Surface Smoother and Primer

I saw this tube and read "silicone primer", which immediately spoke to me. I usually get on with silicone primers quite well, meaning it will smooth my pores and give more of a matte finish to my skin. I'm all about that, so I was excited to give it a go! 

When it comes out of the tube, it looks like a normal moisturiser sort of consistency, but it's only when you spread it out, it starts to feel a bit silicone-y to the touch. I love that it still feels like a cream, though, meaning it applies well when rubbed into the skin in circle motions. With most primers I use lately, it's better to pat them in, as they start to ball-up if you rub them in, probably because of the high silicone-factor.

This one applies so nicely, and I feel like it does what it needs to do for the foundation that goes on top. It smooths out my skin and I feel like the products that go on top are so much easier to apply after I've put this primer on. Really digging it.

For the price (£3.90) I think it's such a good product, and I'd happily repurchase if when I run out.

Coverage Foundation - 1.1N Fair
High-Coverage Foundation Formula

I've been meaning to pick this up and try it out, but so many people didn't get on with it because it dries quite matte. I guess there's just a lot of people around with dry skin, and I can see why this wouldn't work for them. Of course, they have the Serum Foundation that will work much better for them.

I also heard people say this foundation oxidises like a b*tch, so I decided to not go too dark with my first pick, see if I got on with it. I could have easily gone a shade up, as unfortunately this one is very pale. That being said, I can always make a foundation that's too light for me, work better than one that's too dark. I have more than enough bronzers that can fix the problem for me, so I'm not mad at it.

Now for the product itself, I think it works really well in combination with the primer mentioned before. I love the finish, as for me, a matte foundation is always better. It does give me some amazing coverage as well, and the few times I've worn it so far, it has worn so well throughout the day. Very impressed with this product, again!

I'm so chuffed with the fact that they do warm undertones, cool undertones and neutral undertones as well. You don't see that very often, and I'm definitely more of a neutral undertone. Makeup artists can never match me to the right shade of foundation, as they always try to sell me a rosy toned one, but then it never works for me. Any warm toned foundation that I wear will often look very yellow on me. To be able to choose the 1.1N (which stands for neutral, R for Red, Y for Yellow and P for Pink. Awesome, Deciem!) was such a relief.

On top of all this, the formula also contains SPF 15. I usually avoid SPF in my foundation and moisturisers, as it just makes me so oily and usually I get breakouts after wearing it. But so far so good, this doesn't seem to do any of that. I haven't worn it for a longer amount of time though... To be continued?

The pricepoint of this foundation is so awesome as well. For £5.90 you get a really good quality product, and I definitely want to go and pick up a shade that's just a bit darker, so I can mix them in while we're nearing summer. For all you oily skin type peeps out there, this is the foundation to go for. I highly recommend it.

Now I'm really hoping that they will someday bring out some more makeup bits. I'd love to try those out.

Have you tried anything from the Ordinary yet? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,

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