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Hey peeps!

Today I'm talking about my favourite eyeshadow brushes.
If you've missed last week's post: I talked about my must-have face brushes, so go and check that out!

Here are all the eye brushes I just can't live without.

Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow brush

This brush seems unnecessarily big when you first start using it, but lately I've grown fond of it for applying transition shades. It is just such a quick and easy way to blend out any light shadows with. It's also quite dense, so it really packs a punch in terms of pigmentation. It's quickly become one of my favourite brushes in this entire Bold Metals range.

Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer brush

This was one that came in my very first set of brushes, in the rose gold version. I did end up buying a second one, since I just love this brush so much! It is really a multi-use brush: sometimes I use it for applying a one-wash shadow all over the lid, often I will use it for defining the crease, but also for blending shades together and defining the outer corner. For me personally, this is just the right size to do all of that. I love how soft it is, how well it picks up pigment and how easy it is to blend shadows. If there's one eyeshadow brush from Zoeva you should try, it's definitely this one.

Zoeva 227 Soft Definer vegan brush

This brush is practically the same as the previous one (since they have the same code), but it has synthetic hairs and is slightly different in shape. It's much flatter, and has a more rounded tip. This one, I love for applying crease shadows, as it just fits right in there. I will usually use it after I've already applied some transition shades, but want to darken up the crease and be a bit more precise with the shadow. That's when this one comes in so handy. I will always take this with me when I'm traveling, because it's flat enough to use on the lower lash line as well, so I don't need to bring too many different brushes to achieve the same look.

Urban Decay E208 Smoky Smudger brush

When I do have all my brushes around, I will use this brush for the lower lash line. This brush is such a multi-purpose one as well, and I could also see myself using this for highlighting the inner corner, being really precise in winging out shadows, buffing in a darker shade on the top lash line, and so on. I think you could really choose what you use it for, as long as you don't use them for both (because smoking out a darker shade with the same brush as you're going to highlight the inner corner with, is not a good idea!) I might end up buying a second one of these, so I can actually use it for both purposes...

Urban Decay E209 Tapered Blending brush

I've loved brushes like this since I started wearing more eyeshadow, and it's because of its tapered shape. It's so easy to concentrate a shadow in a particular area with this brush, as it has such a pointed tip. Again, I'm a massive fan of the few Urban Decay brushes that I own, the handles are so nice to hold but not too heavy. I highly recommend this brush if you're really into doing your eyeshadow.

Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease brush

Last but certainly not least: we end this with yet another brush that has been in my collection since the beginning, with that rose gold Zoeva set. I guess this one would be perfect for people with smaller eyes to use in the crease and outer corners of their eyes, but I use this one for highlighting the inner corner specifically. It is just the right size and shape for that purpose. I've always used it like that, and I never felt like I needed anything else. Such a good'un as well.

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