Long Overdue Beauty Haul


Hey peeps!

The last haul I did was in December, which wasn't too excessive I'd say, but had some amazing bits in there. I have picked up quite a bit of products since then (although I'd love to think 12 makeup items is not by far as bad as I would have these spending sprees in the past).

I'd love to show them to you today. Some I can already give you a mini-review on, as I've been testing them out since the beginning of January, others I haven't gotten round to introducing into my routine yet.

I've decided to include some skincare at the end of this post as well. I never tend to include those products in haul posts, because I always repurchase what I already know and love. These past few months were different, and I've tried and tested out some new ones - well, they're new to me, anyways. So if you're more interested in that part, scroll all the way down ;-)


Benefit Boiing Airbrush Concealer - 01 Light

I've been meaning to try out the Benefit concealers for ages. I have tried out the hydrating stick many years ago, and I wasn't a massive fan of it to be honest. But since they rebranded their concealers, I've wanted to see what the others were about. The first one I picked up is this one, which is supposed to be a lightweight, waterproof concealer, ideal for underneath the eyes. It promises to not settle into fine lines too.

I've been trying it out for the past couple of weeks and although it does tend to settle into the fine lines slightly, I'm not mad at it. It feels really nice and lightweight, it really melts into the skin when you're applying it and it it just perfect for the no-makeup makeup days. I'm excited to dive into the world of pot concealers after trying out this one.

Benefit Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer - 01 Light

Next up I also picked up the higher coverage one. The shade is perfect for me, and it really does have some great coverage. So far I've only used it when I was wearing minimal makeup, underneath a powder foundation. I will give you an update as soon as I start wearing it more, and you might actually see it in a favourites post one day!

Nyx HD Studio Photogenic concealer - 02 Fair

This concealer has been around forever, and I remember wanting to try it when I was living in Manchester but I could never find it. It is said to be a dupe for the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer, whic I have used in the past. I'm really excited to finally be trying this one out.

Swatch: Fenty Beauty Highlighter - Lightning Dust & Fire Crystal

Urban Decay The Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium

I haven't heard much about this product yet, but it intrigued me a lot when I saw it. I'm so happy to have gotten my hands on it myself and try it out. I've only used it as a setting powder so far, but on their website, they say it should work well mixed in with e.g. the Naked Skin One & Done, which I reckon I will pick up near the summer time again. Then I can fully try to mix it into the actual liquid. I haven't really had to do that yet, as I don't wear too many foundations that are not matte enough for me. I might try it with my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, though...

Fenty Beauty Freestyle Highlighter Duo - Lightning Dust & Fire Crystal

I've finally had the chance to try this out for myself. I didn't really know which shade to go for, so I picked out the one that looked the most neutral (online). Boy oh boy, don't be fooled by this little number, as both of these shades are really shimmery and intense! You would think that Lightning Dust is a lot more for everyday and will be a subtle highlighter - which it does look like in the pan) but it's actually almost just as intense as Fire Crystal. Not sure how you can make the two pans look so different in finish, yet they look almost identical on the face. I love the quality though, but I'll definitely only wear this when I'm going out. Another quick thing I'd like to mention about this is the packaging: it looks great on the outside with it's purply reflective surface (it's almost holographic) but the little cutout where you have to open it is rounded, and I'm not sure why because it makes it a lot more difficult to open it. It is just mine that does that, or will it wear off after using it for a bit and it becomes less difficult? I'm confused.

Swatches: Benefit Precisely My Brow - 1, Nyx  Micro Brow Pencil - 01 Taupe, ABH Brow Definer - Caramel

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil - 1

I've loved this pencil in the past, and desparately needed a new one as I was running out of all my brow pencils at once. I usually go for shade 2 in the Benefit brow pencils, but it was sold out. As I really needed a new one, I decided to pick up shade 1, and keep this for the natural brow days. It's really nice, again, for the no-makeup makeup look. This pencil is definitely not my shade, but I can make it work for the natural brow-look, and usually combine it with the Benefit Gimme Brow tinted brow gel.

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil - 01 Taupe

Because I still needed a brow pencil that actually matches them, I went into Nyx to see if they had one. I tried out this one a few years ago, but again, my shade was always sold out and the one I picked up back then was too dark. This one is the exact shade that the Benefit shade 2 is as well. So excited to try this pencil, I reckon it's a good one!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer - Caramel

I've loved the Brow Wiz in the past and always wore it in the shade Taupe. I was curious after the Brow Definer, as I thought it would be similar to the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil, but then I swatched it in the Taupe shade and saw it's a lot more grey toned than the Brow Wiz in Taupe. Strange, huh? Anyways, that's why I ended up buying it in the shade Caramel. I already kind of regret it because it looks darker and warmer than I'm used to, but maybe this is a good one to have around for when I'm doing bolder, darker looks and I need my brows to be THERE, you know? I'll definitely keep you updated on how I get on with the pencil in terms of the shape and consistency, and how it compares to the Benefit one.

Swatches: Becca Eye Lights palette

Becca Eye Lights Palette - Après Ski Glow Collection

I you follow me on instagram (@charlinehasablog) you will have seen the cheeky Sephora order I received in January. It contained the Fenty Beauty highlighter, and then this palette. Nope, I definitely didn't need this one, but it was on sale and what can you do, huh? It went from €45 to €27 (but then I ended up having to pay €8,90 for shipping so I only saved about €9 in the end) so it just lured me in and there you have it. It's gorgeous, not gonna lie, but I'm wondering how much I'll actually use this. I've seen people use the lighter shades as highlighters, which they are called after the original highlighter collection anyways (but they're not identical, as I have the full size moonstone highlighter and it's similar to the eyeshadow, but not exactly the same). Anyways, I guess I can make some of these work as a highlighter, others as a shadow topper, adding it to matte looks etc. The dark red-brown shade really reminds me of the one in the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette (which I really really love).

YSL The Shock Waterproof Mascara

This one has been on my list forever as well, much like a few other products in this post. I finally got my hands on it in January - in the sale, nevertheless -. I haven't tried it out yet, as I have a lot of other mascaras to use up first. I'm very curious to see how this one performs, as I've heard good things about it.  Usually I'm not one for actual waterproof mascaras, but if it's semi-easy to take off, I don't really mind. Maybe this will be the mascara I've been looking for all along.

Swatches: Dose Of Colors Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Truffle, Plum Queen

Dose Of Colurs Liquid Matte Lipstick - Truffle & Plum Queen

I've always wondered what these liquid lipsticks would perform, but never really thought of checking if I could get my hands on them. I recently discovered they are readily available at Beauty Bay, so after years of hype (and also the liquid lipstick hype dying down) I've finally made the plunge and got two of these babies. To be fair, I thought they would just look really good in pictures, too. The shades I picked out are stunning; Truffle is just my kind of nude shade and reminds me a lot of Mac Velvet Teddy, only maybe a tad bit brighter and more Spring-appropriate. Plum Queen is - well, obviously - a plum shade that dries down quite dark and is such an interesting, wintery shade. It's not something I usually go for and probably not something that I own already, so I was very excited to try out a shade like this. The two feel surprisingly different on application: Truffel it more wet and needs longer to dry, Plum Queen feels a lot more mousse-like in texture and dries down quicker. Both of them dry down to a completely matte finish, though.
I'm wondering how well it performs on lip liners and if I can make it look a bit darker if I wanted to. Very happy with these two babies and I will cherish them for a long time.

Nars Narsissist Wanted palette

Quick mention for the latest Nars palette, which I ordered after taking these pictures but arrived in time for me to include it in this post anyways. I've done a full first impressions + swatches and a look on it on Monday (check it out here) so I won't go on about it, but this palette might just be my new all time favourite, that's how excited I am! I only realised I didn't really buy a lot of new eyeshadow palettes in 2017 (only the Urban Decay Naked Heat, the NYX Fire palette (+a free with purchase Love Contours All palette) and the Anastasia Subculture, which 3 palettes is really not that bad for an eyeshadow lover like me!) and I feel like I need to buy all the palettes this year! So many gorgeous one are realeasing - or have been released - and besided the Becca one above and the Nars one, I'm totally up for getting the Marc Jacobs Scandalust palette and the soon-to-be-released Anastasia Soft Glam palette. Can't bloody wait to get excited over eyeshadow palettes again!


Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Eye cream

I was on the lookout for a new evening eye cream, as I was using the Clinique Smart Eye cream for the longest time (and that one is super expensive, so, you know...) Now I know the Kiehl's products aren't too affordable either, but it's definitely cheaper than that particular one, and maybe even lasts longer... I'm still on the fence about this Kiehl's eye cream; I mean, it hydrates, which is good, but it's such a weird formula. It feels almost like a balm, and you really have to warm it up between your fingers so it spreads out easily. I still have to grow fond of it, but I actually really love how it feels to the touch, and I can't say it's doing bad for my skin, so that's that. I don't really have my complete opinion figured out on this one yet.

Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

I've tried out htis eyecream in the sample size, which came in the Advent Calendar. I'd used it for well over a month before it ran out, and I was so excited about it that I decided to get a full size. This looks massive, to be honest, and will probably last me forever! I love the packaging as well, it's so unique. It's a very lightweight formula, which I absolutely adore for during the day. It sinks in well and leaves my undereye area hydrated, without having to wait ages for it to sink into my skin. I can apply my makeup a few minutes later and the cream won't disturb the application. I'm so happy with this discovery. I'm always excited about finding new skin care that agrees with my skin, as that doesn't tend to happen very often.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

I got a sample of this with one of my Feel Unique orders, and within the few days that I've used it (I believe there were 10 pads in the sample) I've gotten really hooked on it! It's basically a toner, soaked into a pad, but what I love about this is that the pads have a structure to them that really helps to exfoliate. It's really not harsh for the skin either, so I prefer to use these in the mornings, before I put my moisturiser on. I never really cleanse my face in the mornings, because my skin is quite sensitive and it can get quite oily, but I don't want to dry it out too much either. A little bit of toner is more than enough, and this is just such a handy one to do that. There's 60 pads in here, so if I use one every day, it will last me 2 months, which I guess is nice to know so I know when to stock up on it next ;-) It does mean that it's actually quite a pricey product, but it's nice to try out other stuff from time to time and see how I get on with them in the long term.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

It was Suzie from HelloOctoberxo who mentioned the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil in her 2017 favourites video, and she explained how it really helped her skin to feel smooth and all that jazz. I was so intrigued, but quickly learned that this one is more catered to dry, dehydrated skin. I ended up going for the one for oily skin in the same range, which is the Lotus Face Treatment Oil. It looks exactly the same, but will make my skin less greasy and is more lightweight. I'm going to run out of my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate soon, and thought this woud be a good replacement. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm so excited to do so and give you the deets on it. I haven't really tried a lot of Clarins skincare, now that I think about it. I've probably had a sample here or there, but I'm always more drawn to Clinique and Kiehl's for some reason. Maybe this will change my mind?

Let me know if you enjoy these blog posts! I feel like a new one might come up soon, as by the time this post goes up, I I will have purchased a fair few more products! 

Lots of love,

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