Narsissist Wanted palette - first impressions


A rather exciting parcel landed in the mail on Friday, and it's been a long time since I've been so over the moon with a purchase.

Am I late on the bandwagon? I'm not sure. But when I saw Anna's review on the Nars Narsissist Wanted palette, as well as her including it in her monthly favourites, I was sold on the idea and figured I needed it in my life.

This palette is holy-grail-material, and I will tell you why...

I've always wanted to try out Nars eyeshadows, as I'd heard a lot about the quality of the little duos, as well as the previous Narsissist palettes. I've never got round to doing so, or I would think "hmm, this looks like a million other shadows I probably already own". This particular palette, however, sparked something in me that made me want it so bad. It's quite unlike anything in my collection, as I never tend to lean towards pink shades, but if you have a good look at this palette, it's really not all that pink toned. There's really only two shades that have a true pink undertone, the rest of this palette is full of warm brown neutrals.

You'd think: "but why do you NEED another neutrals palette, sure you have shades like this somewhere else in your collection?" And yes, I probably do, but this palette is just the right combination of all of those. For some reason, this palette is very different to anything I own, although it's filled with shades I usually reach for anyways. It's nice to have that pop of pink in there, if I ever feel like it.

Let's talk packaging! I'm obsessed with this in all aspects: the pixelated print on the front is absolutely stunning, I love how it's matte but then the name is a shiny reflective print, the case is very sturdy and the palette really doesn't take up more space than needed. It's very compact, which makes is great for travel! There's a big mirror inside as well, although mine is not 100% straight, so it makes my face look wider than it is. Pretty annoying, especially for the price, but still a great emergency-mirror I guess.

Now that we're talking about the price, this baby was a solid £55 (or €66 on FeelUnique for Europe, but my £55 converted into €59 so it turned out cheaper on the UK website, then I had a voucher which made it €52,50 so I saves myself a fair few bucks on that!) but to me, it's worth every single penny. The quality is to die for, the pigmentation is second to none and - dare I say it? - this palette rivals some of my absolute holy grails, like my Urban Decay Naked palettes...

You get a good shade selection in this dinky little palette, going from some great light, medium and dark neutral mattes, some shimmery deeper shades and some gorgeous glitter pops of colour. As Anna described in her review, these are comparable to the glitters in the Charlotte Tilbury quads, if you're familiar with those. Some of the shades in here really do remind me of some I own in the Urban Decay Naked, Naked 3 and Naked Heat palettes for sure. The mattes feel really soft to the touch. The glitters feel really nice and finely milled, and the shimmers are just super pigmented. The palette is very consistent in the pigmentation and formulation as well, which I love. The only shadow that doesn't feel as soft to the touch, is the red one in the upper right corner, but I guess red shades are just really hard to make and that is probably why. But it still feels really nice and luxurious, just a tiny bit less soft than the others.

I'm so smitten with this palette already, because it really has everything. The last couple of years, I feel like most eyeshadow palettes that are being released really struggle with finding the balance between matte-shimmer-glitter and light-medium-dark. Often a palette leans really dark and it misses a highlight shade, or is very shimmery and misses a good matte transition shade. This palette has just the right balance, I find, for the amount of shades that are in here. It gives off a definite rosy vibe, although the shades are still really neutral and there are some great browns in here, and even that greeny gold glitter shade. They certainly weren't afraid to add in shades that don't stick to the "colour scheme" as such, which makes it really versatile and unique in my opinion.

Let's see the shades from up close in a swatch-session now!

First row:

Biarritz: named after a tiny little coast town in France, but also a really famous biscuit here in Belgium, this pale cream-coloured matte shade is the one shade every eyeshadow palette should contain. It's perfect for highlighting the browbone and setting down my eyeshadow primer.

Satisfaction: a shimmery pale pink, great for highlighting the inner corner and brown bone, also good for over the lid if you're going for a really simple look. 

Delirium: a gorgeous pale pink glitter shade, kind of like the big sister of the previous shadow. Really great to amp up any look with, but still subtle enough to get away with it on the daily.

Temptress: a deep browny red with a hint of shimmer running through. Great for warming up any eyeshadow look.

Second row:

Seven Heaven: a beautiful matte light brown with a hint of pink to it. Complements this palette really well, and is the perfect transition shade for any of the other eyeshadows in this palette.

Shadow Hill: Slightly darker, warm matte brown. Standard crease shade, but absolutely vital in every eyeshadow palette. Together with Seven Heaven probably my favourite shade in here, and perfect for an everyday look.

Mendoza: Probably the most unique shade in the palette, this glittery copper shade with a peachy shift amps up every daytime look to a party look! The formula is definitely comparable to the Charlotte Tilbury glitter shades. Be careful as this gets literally everywhere! Depending on the light, this looks more peachy than coppery, but I'm all about that duo-chrome life.

Wicked Game: This cranberry red shade is the softest of them all. It feels almost like a pressed pigment, rather than an eyeshadow. It's got a shimmery metallic finish. This is probably the most pink-toned shade in the entire palette, although it does seem to have a bit of an orange shift to it, depending on how it catches the light. I keep wondering why this palette gives me so many rosy vibes, when if you look at the swatches separately, it's really not that rosy at all! 

Third row:

Shooting Star: The award for most glittery eyeshadow goes to Shooting Star! This almost wet-looking pale rosy glitter shade reminds a lot of people of Stila's Kitten Magnificent Metal Foil eyeshadow thingie, and although I've never tried it, I can definitely see why. Again, the rosy vibe depends on the light, as you can tell from the swatch in the photo is looks way more beige in there. Nonetheless a stunning shade.

La La: Another one of my absolute favourites, this shimmery coppery brown is the perfect neutral shade for everyday. It's a lot deeper than the other browns in this palette, so it's a good addition to make any look a bit smokier. It's very buildable, I've found.

Fallen Star: The last glitter shade in the palette, and the weirdest one as well. In some light it's more of an antique gold, in other light it has a definite green undertone to it. It really looks different in any photo I've seen of the palette. I love how there's a hint of green in this overall rosy-looking palette, and I'm sure it complements the red-ish shades very well.

Coconut Grove: Last but not least, the dark matte shadow that makes any palette complete. A dark matte chocolate brown is very necessary to create smoky looks, or use as a soft eyeliner in the look. 

The first time playing around with it, I captured the look I created, which I will run through for you down below.

For this look I started out by setting the eyeshadow base with Biarritz, then went into the crease with Seven Heaven, deeped that with Shadow Hill. I ran these two shades underneath my lash line as well. Deeped up the outer corners of the upper lid some more with La La, and warmed up the crease a bit with Temptress. I highlighted the inner corners with Satisfaction, and finally went on the mobile lid with a tiny bit of Delirium, which I applied with my fingertip.

A good coat of the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara and the Mac Liptensity lipstick in Doe, and the look is complete.

I'd love to know: have you picked up this palette yourself? Do you understand why it gets so much hype in the blogging world? Do you agree with all the rave reviews? Are you looking out to buy this one yourself? Give me your thoughts down below!

Lots of love,

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