What's On My Bedside Table?


Hey everyone!

A while back I went to get myself a new bedside table, as I saw a gorgeous one online and thought "I need to have that in my life". You might have spotted it on my instagram in January! (check it out here).  

Today is all about the things that I keep on top of that table. The things I like to have close to me when I'm in bed and that I use before I go to sleep.

The first few bits that I use (almost) everyday are my essentials for when I'm going to sleep. Lately I feel like my face feels so warm when I'm in bed - I know, sounds weird huh? especially when I'm feeling ill, which I feel was the case almost the entire month of January - so I keep a mini Avène Eau Thermale on there. Mum uses this after cleansing her skin, to refresh it, but she paths it down with a towel. I I lightly spray it on my face and let it sink in. It is indeed so refreshing! People often mistake these for setting sprays. You might be able to use them on top of makeup, but you have to be very careful and make sure it doesn't drip down, plus it won't help the makeup to last longer. Only to take away a cakey look when you've applied too much powder. I would recommend using it as a step in your skincare routine, or at least at times when you're not wearing makeup, just as a refreshing spray.

Next, I keep the Thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray nearby, as this helps me to relax and fall asleep. I put about 8 sprays on my pillow, mattress and duvet and this particular one smells like lavender. Hmm. So calming and totally worth the money, in my opinion. It lasts me a good few months as well, and I use it every single day!

A hand cream I've been using recently is the Origins Comfort Mood Silky Vanilla hand cream. I got this as a gift from a very thoughtful friend, and this one has lasted me forever now! I think I'm finally about to run out. My hands always feel dry at the end of the day and I just can't go to sleep without moisturising them. 

The lip balm that's always laying around somewhere and is also almost run out, is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream Lip Protectant. Such a shame you can only get this in duty free, and I'm not sure if I can justify a trip to the UK just to get a lip balm on my flight back home. I've seen there's a very similar one in full size available online though, so when this one is finished, I'll try that one and see if it performs the same.

I can't sleep without a sleeping mask, especially in summer. I need it to be completely dark, or I just won't get my mind to rest! Mum got me the Jessica Russell Flint one as a gift - quite expensive for a sleeping mask, but it is made of silk and it is just so comfortable! I love the print on it, it is very ME!

I keep around a coaster on here as well, for if I ever take a hot beverage with me. This particular one is from Anthropologie, and they do them in all shapes and colours. This rose quartz one must be my favourite, but I have some blue ones laying around somewhere as well. I couldn't resist when I saw these :-)

Then in the gold Hema candle holder, I keep some bits that I don't use every day, but I love to have close to me, should I ever need them. The Rituals Tao Qi relaxing serum is one of my favs for when I'm having a bad headache. It's a roller ball in a tube, so while you squeeze out the product, you roll it on your temples, forehead and neck and it relieves a bit of the pain. I'm not saying this takes the headache away, but when your head is feeling tired and heavy, it makes it feel a bit fresher and lighter. It's such a life saviour at the end of really rough days, and helps me get to sleep when I'm feeling this way.

Also from Rituals there is a Tao Lao Tze cooling foot balm, from the same range (one of my absolute favourite scents as well!). I haven't used this in ages but if I've been walking on heels all day, or when I used to go and explore in the UK and I'd walked all day, I would rub this on my feet and it kind of has the same effect as the relaxing serum, but then for your feet. It makes them feel lighter and almost "masks" the pain. It's a pure luxury product, I'm aware, but it's so nice to have around for when you've developed blisters from walking, or you've been hiking, or any kind of situation like that.

I also keep a Thisworks Deep Sleep Stress Less in there, which is kind of the same product as the spray mentioned above, but it's smaller, comes in a roller ball packaging and has more of an eucalyptus scent to it. I will use this if I need the extra bit of calming down before bed, but usually I take this with me when I'm traveling. It's less bulky to carry around than the spray.

Lastly I'm keeping a The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Manicure Oil in here. You know sometimes your hands and nails need that bit of extra care? I like to apply this before bed because I don't really have to do anything else and can let the oil do its work overnight. This click-pen dispenses a good amount of product and it's so easy to apply with the brush tip. It smells amazing, too, so I highly recommend.

The only two bits remaining are my eye drops - they are for hay fever, but help my eyes with my allergies a little bit. It's not hay fever that I have but my eyes do react to other things, and it's hard to avoid them. But I make sure to apply eye drops at least every morning and every evening, so that the slimes that they product aren't as big (TMI, I know I'm sorry). The other thing is a nail file/buffer from Ici Paris XL, which I have to be honest, is not my favourite thing in the world. I love stuff like this, but this particular one is very stiff and not so gentle for my nails, I find. i've got one from Leighton Denny (off FeelUnique for a couple of pounds in the Black Friday Sale) which is 10x better, but I do keep that one somewhere else. Look at that one if you're interested in buying a tool like this, I highly recommend that particular one, especially for the price!

Hope you found this interesting. Let me know your essential products that are living on your bedside table!

Lots of love,

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