One-Wash Wonders


Hey everyone!

Today I want to talk you through some stunning single eyeshadows, that can easily be used on their own, without the need to apply any other shadows. "One-Wash Wonders", as they say.

H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour - Ginger Snap

I cannot recommend the H&M single shadows enough, as you will find tons of one-wash colours in their collection. Some gorgeous shimmery neutrals are in between all the other crazy colours, which are amazing. This one must be my favourite; at some point in my life I used it every single day. Then it shattered while traveling and I was heart-broken, and it took me ages to find it in stock again. This coppery rusty shade is the perfect one for adding some colour to the lids, but still being semi-neutral in shade. For the warm-toned lovers out there, this one is definitely worth checking out.

MaxFactor Excess Shimmer - 20 Copper

I'm still wondering why they call this "copper", as it's in no way a copper shade, but I definitely think this is an amazing, cool-toned greige shimmery eyeshadow that is so quick and easy to wear just by itself. The mousse-y consistency feels so nice to the touch as well. Go and check this out if you haven't already, it's a beauty!

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow - Flutes

This texture is so interesting, as I could say it's a cream, but it isn't really. Anyway, it's the only matte shade that is featured in this post, because I usually think a shimmery shade is easier to get away with wearing on its own. This is such a unique camel shade, which I couldn't even find in other brands' collections if I tried. I think I can easily wear this one on its own and it would look amazing.

Mac Woodwinked

This must be the OG one-wash eyeshadow, many people talked about this years ago and it must have been one of the very first Mac shadows I ever purchased myself. I really don't use this one enough, and I don't know why. It's so beautiful just to trow on, put some mascara on and get out of the door. It really suits anyone, and every single look you're going for.

Mac Sumptuous Olive

This is in some way similar to Woodwinked, but just slightly more green toned. I think this suits my green eyes very well, and it would look amazing on people with hazel and brown eyes as well. Just to add that bit more colour to the lids, this one is definitely a winner.

Swatches: H&M Ginger Snap, MaxFactor Copper, ColourPop Flutes, Mac Woodwinked, Mac Sumptuous Olive

What are your favourite one-wash eyeshadows? Let me know down below!

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