Spring Makeup Essentials


Hey folks!

I was planning on doing a full Spring makeup look today, but I soon realised most of my base routine is still exactly the same as it always is. Except for the Benefit Boiing concealers being introduced to my daily picks, not much has changed.

Therefor, I've picked out some of the stand-out products that I am - and will be - using throughout Spring, to create a soft, everyday and Spring appropriate makeup look. 

Hope you enjoy!

Burberry Earthy Blush No. 07

I've found my way back to this blush in the past month or so. I'm so happy I pulled this back out of my drawers, as I totally forgot how good of a contour shade it is! I always take a more fluffy tapered bronzer brush, to get that really soft shizzled look instead of the really harsh contour. It is gorgeous in combination with most of my actual bronzers as well, so it's a good one to have around. I really need to start going through all the products that I haven't used for a while, and see if I can use them up in the long term.

Dior Nude Air Luminizer Glow Addict - 002 Holo Gold

This is one of the newest additions to my makeup collection, as well as my "reach-for-on-a-daily-basis"-drawer. This highlighter is quite out there, which I don't usually go for on normal days, but this just looks so beuatiful, I can't NOT soak my face in it. I've tried to capture the beuatiful peachy shift this highlighter has in the swatches as well as the face photos, but I can only say that no picture does justice to the beauty that is this highlighter. I wish I could show you all in real life, so you could understand how peachy pink it actually looks, and how shiny this highlighter makes you look. Big love for this product, but sad it's limited edition and I can't feature it on my blog forever :'(

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - 82 Emerveillé

I've discovered an old favourite of mine in my tiny collection of what's left over from my single eyeshadows. This gorgeous peachy champagne cream shadow is the perfect one to go with the highlighter I've just mentioned, as it has that same undertone to it. It's definitely less sparkly and in-your-face, but no less beautiful. The perfect pair if you want to go for a tone on tone makeup look. I find the consistency of this cream shadow so fascinating as well, it's a cream but it's more moussey, it almost reminds me a little bit of the Colourpop super shock products in the way that the product moves around but only a tiny bit sticks to your finger or brush, and it lasts you forever! I think I might check out some more of these soon, as it took me long enough to find my way back to them!

Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick - Truffle

A lip colour I'm very excited to be wearing more often is this liquid lipstick. I must say it is really drying on my lips, so I need to make sure I scrub well and apply lip balm at least the night before, so that the application of this goes smootly. I love this shade, as it reminds me of a Nyx soft matte lip cream I used to own back when I wasn't at all into liquid lipsticks yet. I've never been a massive collector of them, but every now and then I come across some pretty products that I just have to try, and I'm so happy that I finally was able to get some Dose Of Colors. Such a wearable, nude yet bright shade for me.

Swatches: Burberry Earthy Blush, Doir Holo Gold, Chanel Emerveillé, Dose Of Colors Truffle

What are your absolute top picks for this Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

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