What's in my mum's makeup collection?


Hi everyone!

Today I'm digging into my mum's makeup - which I would say looks a lot different to mine in terms of the size, but I have been buying, donating and recommending her some things and you can definitely see the influence I have on her lately :')

Let's dig into this.

Mum doesn't really own a lot of face makeup. Her skin is quite good and she doesn't really need it much. She never wears liquid foundation or anything, and she's allergic to anything that shimmers, so there's no need for her to own a lot of bronzers, blushes or especially highlighters. She recently discovered the Burberry makeup range and found her love for the Cashmere Compact (a powder foundation) the Warm Glow bronzer and the Tangerine Blush. 

The only other face products she owns are in the Benefit Cheekathon palette, which I recommended her when she came to visit me in Manchester once. She was looking for a bit of a different bronzer. As you can see, she enjoyed Coralista very much!

Mum used to use the same mascara for years, which was one from Helena Rubinstein. I told her it was always looking flakey at the end of the day and that she needed to try a new one for a change. She listened to my advice and started trying out other mascaras. She's currently using a Charlotte Tilbury one and a Dior one.

As much as she doesn't wear face makeup, she's very much into eye pencils and crayons. This pot full of pencils is always standing on the bathroom, where she gets ready.

On the bottom are a lot of little stumps - not sure why she keeps them tbh! - and as you can see, Mac's Night Trail is the one she wears 99% of the time! A few other stumps are from Urban Decay.

She owns a lot more eye pencils, including some Marc Jacobs, Sisley, YSL, Armani, Rodial and some more Mac pencils. She tries these on every so often but always goes back to the dark blue Mac one.

A few eye crayons from Sisley and Mac, which she wears if she's feeling adventurous or getting ready for a dinner or party. I think she should wear these more often, as they always look amazing on her!

A few miscellaneous products in this pot are brow pencils from Sisley and Estée Lauder (which she doesn't really wear a lot, but she should! She has such thin eyebrows from all the plucking back in the days), a blue Stila liquid liner I bought her a while back, and a YSL Touche Eclat (because obviously she needs that with all her powder products... I don't think she ever wears that anymore!)

Onto some eyeshadows, and she never really used to use them, until one day - I was quite young but kind of starting to become interested in makeup, and Sephora was still a thing in The Netherlands and we could get Too Faced off the shelf (ahhh the good ol' days) - she picked up the Naked Eye palette, which I was allowed to use sometimes as well. She only ever takes time to do eyeshadow is she's going out for dinner or it's her birthday or it's christmas. :')

Then one day she was looking at the Urban Decay counter and was fairly interested in the Naked Basics palettes. Not that she ever wears eyeshadow or anything, but she thought "you know, maybe if I have these I will start wearing it more often". Guess what? She doesn't. But hey, she didn't realise I already owned these two palettes, and since I have loads of them in my collection I gifted these to her. Figures it would be nice for her to have these if she ever feels like it. 

Finally there's one dark blue eyeshadow from Mac that she sometimes wears op top of her blue pencil liner. It matches the liner really well, and this shadow is really pigmented and intense and that's what she likes.

Last but not least, there's some various lip products she owns. She's one of those people that uses up her lipsticks. I've only ever done that recently, with my Mac Velvet Teddy. She used to have one from Smashbox that I thought she'd still have, since I gave that to her on Christmas last year, but nope. All gone. She really liked that one, I assume! In here stash right now are a Dior lip gloss, Bobbi Brown & Makeup Forever lipstick, Clinique Chubby Stick and two Bobbi Brown lip crayons. A good variety of shades, I'd say. At the moment she's constantly wearing an Urban Decay one from the Naked Heart collection, which is probably living in her handbag so I couldn't find it.

I think it's nice to have a nosey around in my mum's makeup. I know she also has some other products laying around that she bought ages ago and never uses anymore. I dug out an old - limited edition, nonetheless! - Mac lipstick out of that bag, that I now claimed to be mine, and I do wear from time to time. Ah, we all get our love for makeup from somewhere, no?

Lots of love,

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