April Favourites


Hey everyone!

Time for my monthly favourites. Some old rediscoveries and also some new products are in here.
Hope you enjoy.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer

You'll see on Wednesday that I've finished up my Chanel bronzer and I'll put in the Too Faced bronzer into the project. I haven't really used it properly in ages, and I'd forgotten how good it actually is! I've been reaching for it for the past week or so and I'm so excited it's back in my routine. I've seen the new packaging of these bronzers and I can't say if I like it all that much... I think I prefer this one, but hey. I might pick up a new one at some point and I would love to see the new ones IRL. I believe they have reformulated it slightly as well, so I'm excited to see if it's still as good as this one!

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl - Gilded Honey

I've rediscovered the beauty that is this highlighter around last month. I can't believe I ever thought it looked too dark on me, it's just such a beautiful, subtle sheen for an everyday look. It's tough to make such a deep golden shade of highlighter work for me, but somehow, it just works. The hype around it has died down though, but it's still a good'un!

Zoeva Strobe Gel - Eos

A more recent purchase is this highlighter. Yes, I know, that's two highlighters in one favourites post. But, this one is so unique. It's a gel, but in the way that a jello pudding is a gel. It has a peachy undertone, but a gorgeous golden reflect. I've been experimenting with the application, and with my fingers I seem to take away the shimmers and it leaves a patchy application, with a spunge I seem to emphasise the glitters too much, but when applied and blended with a brush (more specifically the Real Techniques setting brush) it gives me the most beautiful natural sheen on my cheeks. It looks very smooth and not chunky glittery at all. It's funny how different applications give such different effects. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam eyeshadow palette

I've waited for this palette to be mine for the longest time. Although it's a bit different than what I expected, and I have a million warm shadows in my collection already,  I still like this palette for the more unique shades. I especially love Glistening ( a champagne shimmer with peachy shift), Sultry (a warm bronze shimmer with pink undertone) and Dusty Rose (a matte mauve shade). These are the shades that makes an otherwise very standard warm toned palette a little more special. The quality is so good as well, and this makes me trust ABH for their eyeshadows again.

Ouai Volume Spray

As much as I like sticking to a routine with my skincare and haircare, it's nice to try out some new products from time to time, let it be drugstore or high end. I've really grown fond of this spray for the past month, and the reason is not that it gives me volume like nothing else, but it's the way of application that I especially like. This must be the best spray cap I've ever used in my life! It dispenses the product so evenly and in a really fine mist, that it doesn't make my hair too wet after the shower. As I've explained in my latest beauty haul as well, my hair dries very fast after I've towel dried it, and by the time I go in with my hair products, it's already half-dry op the top. Other sprays tend to make it really wet again, but this one doesn't, and for some reason I really like that. It smells very peculiar as well, I can't put my finger on it, but I like it! I'd love to try out some more Ouai products in the future.

Lots of love,

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