Favourite Spring Lippies


Hey peeps!

I wanted to dive into my - very full - lipstick drawer and pick out my top favourites of the moment for you. I'm not much of a spring-like lippie, as I don't tend to gravitate towards pink tones, but here are the lippies I prefer wearing at this time of year.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick - Pillow Talk

The first lipstick, and probably the most spring-appropriate for me, is this gorgeous number. The lip liner is a cult classic, and ever since they brought out the lipstick as a permanent addition to the collection, everyone seems to be obsessed with this as well. And with good reason. It's a lovely, soft pink nude lipstick, that I love wearing when I've got a bit of mauve going on on the eyes. It's a stunning formula as well: matte and longlasting but not too drying. Highly recommend.

Urban Decay Vice lipstick - Fuel (cream)

A more peachy way to go through spring is this one. I hope they still sell this one, and it wasn't limited edition?! It's a bit brighter than I usually go for, but I love it nonetheless. The cream formula is amazing, just like any other Urban Decay lipstick I've tried, and it's so pigmented as well. I pair this a lot with warmer eye looks.

Dose Of Colors liquid lipstick - Truffle

I haven't worn liquid lipstick in ages, but this one has got me hooked on it again. I love the shade of this particular one: it's peachy, but it's neutral enough to wear with really simple eyelooks, when I'm just wearing mascara and want a bit of a pop of colour on the lips. It's such a comfortable formula to wear and it has such great staying power!

Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss - Moon Jelly

Last but not least is this fairly new addition to my collection. I still have to find the right lippie to wear this with - maybe I need to find a summery purple shade to pair it with? - but I've been popping it out from time to time just to wear on its own. Sure, it looks more like a clear gloss than anything, but in the right lighting, you can see the blue-pruple reflect it has. Definitely one I will be experimenting with a bit more the next couple of months.

Lots of love,

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