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Hey everyone!

A while back I asked you on my instagram stories what you would prefer: an in-depth follow-me-around for an entire day, or one with the highlights of an entire week. The latter won by 65%, so here's everything I did in the week leading up to Easter.

I've been taking pics with my 2years+ old iPhone 5S, so I'm sorry if the quality is not what you're used to. It was the easiest way to get around and take a picture here or there. My front camera is honestly the worst so when a selfie looks really white and noisey, it's taken with my crappy front camera. 

If I have to describe the general theme and vibe of this week, I'd say: I could have picked a better week to do this. But then again, I really wanted to give you a proper insight on what a standard week looks like for me. I've had better weeks, health-wise, as I had serious issues with my back, which also made me really grumpy and I just didn't really feel great in my head. But guess what? I survived! Let's see what I've been up to all week, shall we?

Monday, March 26

Monday in Belgium is starting off as a very gloomy day, with foggy traffic jams and not the best mood to start my week with. Most of this week will be me going to work and complaining about my back pain, haha.

Decided to wear my new denim boyfriend jeans from Scotch&Soda. I love the colour of it, and the tiny dark blue stars on it are just the cutest.

I had to blur out the thing going on on my laptop screen, but this is pretty much my view for most of my Monday. As you might know I'm an interior designer, and right now I'm drawing for three different companies. That's why I can't really show you what I'm working on here, as it technically doesn't belong to me. But it does show you my view for the entire day.

The weather slightly picked up this afternoon. I had to get this shot of the sun rays peeking through the clouds.

On Monday evenings I have Spanish class. I'll tell you more about it next week, where I'll do a Life Update. But I forgot to take a proper picture with my class mates so you'll have to do with the picture below. I'm so bad at this vlog type of blogging, haha. I just forget to take pictures! We just started a new chapter in out books, and it's all about Sevilla and Bogotá.

Tuesday, March 27

The weather is still grim and gloomy outside, so we obviously need something to keep us warm on this day. I remembered I still have this fluffy number hanging in my wardrobe somewhere. I'm taking my grey Michael Kors with me, although looking back on this outfit I should have gone for a brighter coloured handbag.

Today's another working day, but at a different place than yesterday. I blurred out what I was working on, again, as it's not my place so show projects on the internet. But it was an interesting day at work, as a few representatives so interesting to see it in real life, after seeing some pictures in ads, mailings and pinterest. This is what makes my job interesting: hearing about new developments and products that we can incorporate into our designs.

I love the graffiti that I walk past every day. I hope they never remove it!

On Tuesdays I go swimming with some of my former colleagues. I'm more in the mood for it when the weather is a bit nicer, but oh well. My back still hurts on this day and I really couldn't swim all that well, but I tried, okay?

Finally, when I arrive home I got (one of) my FeelUnique order(s) in the mail! I'm trying out some Ouai hair products, and was also too excited to see they restocked Zoella's Bath Latte! I thought they wouldn't stock this collection anymore, but I'm hoping they will keep adding it. I'm so obsessed with its scent.

Wednesday, March 28

Woke up with such back ache, I decided to call in sick for work. As I'm a freelancer, I can easily work from home, so it's totally fine. It's just not a lot of fun when your back hurts and you can't do anything about it. I feel like a granny at 24 years old. :-) All I'm doing on this fine day is sit on a chair, trying to sit in a position where my back wouldn't hurt. I can barely get off the stairs... It ended up just being cramped muscles around my spine. Phew!

I'm doing a tiny little bit of blogging while 'm having my lunch, just to write out the part of the blog post up until now. 

Any of my Flemish readers out here? In the background I'm watching the new series "De Dag" (The Day), and it was brilliant. The concept has been sold to the UK as well so I'm guessing that they will bring out an English version of it after this one has had its glory. It's been a while since I've seen any Flemish series or film, so I was pleasantly surprised by the whole story of this one. Highly recommend checking this one out if you're living in Belgium and you have a Telenet account!

One visit to the chiropractor in the evening and most of my back pain is gone. I say most, because I scheduled an appointment for Friday straight away. It's been a while since I suffered this much, though. And that sort of sums up my not-so-eventful day.

Thursday, March 29

Another working day, and I'm back at the place from Monday. The sun is shining, and I have a beautiful sight on the old cole mine site. 

For some reason I notice my hair laying like this and it makes me itch to go to the hairdressers and cut it short again. Thoughts??

This Thursday evening is quite fun, as I'm meeting up with my ex-colleagues for dinner. I still see two of them weekly when we go swimming, but the third one - and also the one I had to work closely with the most - I haven't seen since November. It was high time we met up, and we had good food and a fun talk. I obviously forgot to snap the majestic pizza, which I could only finish half and they gave me in a box to take home :-)

Friday, March 30

So, the day didn't start off very well at work, as one of the people I work for, gave me some snarky comment about the work situation and I was just sort of really pissed at him for the entire day. It was quite a busy week, professionally, and if you work for more than 1 company, it's always hard to balance the work between them. You have prioritize, which one is more important or needs to be finished sooner? This usually doesn't happen too often, but this week it just did. And you're always going to disappoint the other one that's waiting while you're working for someone else at the time they expect you to work for them. It's still tough for me to figure that out, but I will explain more on my work situation next week, where I'll do a proper life update.

First photo of the day: taken at around 2pm. Completely forgot I was doing this, again. I still need to learn, peeps. 

After the whole hassle of this morning, I just need to calm down and burn a candle. Both of the ones I currently own are from Ikea. 

Sometimes I just sit down and look at my makeup collection, and see if there's anything I can get rid of. Nothing found so far, today! I'm still waiting for the Soft Glam palette to arrive again, as the one I own at the moment broke in the mail... I'm giving this one to a friend though, she will be really happy with it even though one eyeshadow is shattered.

Today, I also had a bit of a rant on twitter about DHL deliverers being lousy at their job. I got an e-mail saying my Zoeva parcel has been succesly delivered, and I can't find it anywhere. They didn't leave a not in the mailbox, it didn't properly say where they had left it, and it wasn't in the pick-up point around the corner (which is where they are supposed to bring your parcels when you're not home, not just assume the goodwill of your neighbours). Luckily we're on good terms with our neighbourgs and they brought it to me in the early evening. I'm so excited to finally be testing out some new Zoeva products! I've only ever tried the eyeshadow palettes and of course a lot of makeup brushes, but never any face colours or brow products. Soon on the blog?

That's about everything for this day. Another appointment at the chiropracters and I'm typing up the second bit of the blog post up until here. So glad it's the weekend! I'm planning on going to the city tomorrow just to show you a bit more exciting stuff than just me sitting at home or at a desk, working :')

Saturday, March 31

Morning everyone! I had a bit of a lie-in, and it did me good. I took my time to jump in the shower and get ready to pop into the city in the afternoon. I'm also trying out the highlight from Zoeva I received yesterday, which is the strobe gel in Eos. I will give my full opinion on it in a beauty haul post later, but for my first impressions: it's such a weird one to apply, but I really like the natural glow it gives me. I find that it worked best with a brush, although I didn't expect that. The consistency is so strange, it feels like some sort of mousse-like gel, but if you leave it for a bit it goes back to it's shape, like jello almost. Funny product to own, and I'm excited to experiment with the application.

I haven't worn the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette in ages. Today I feel like reaching for it again, and I forgot how good it actually is. I can't recommend this palette enough, as it really has every shade you need, basically. If you love matte shadows, you need this palette in your collection. 

I'm going to Hasselt for a little shopping trip. Nothing major, I'm just after a pair of white trainers. The sun is out and it is a lot warmer than I expected. People are out and about, enjoying the sunny weather! I've missed this kind of weather so much.

Of course I have to pop into my favourite coffee place, called Coffee Cafe. They have "specials" around certain holidays (like halloween, christmas, valentine's and easter). My favourite Oreo cake was on the counter, and I got a latte with honey pops and chocolate syrup on top. Mmmmm.

Shopping trip succesful: I found a pair of white Vans. I was actually looking for something a little less generic, but I went for my trusty Vans in the end. I've never owned a pair of Old Skools though, but I'm sure I will love them and I might get them in black after the summer as well.

I'm finishing my Saturday with choir rehearsals. The children's choir is joiing us for a change, because tomorrow's Easter and we sing in Church on holidays like this one.

And that wraps up my slightly more eventful Saturday. Tomorrow's Easter, so I think I might forget to take pictures. I will if I think about it!

 Sunday, April 1

What a weird day, it's April Fool's day, but also Easter. Tbh, I haven't even noticed any pranks around me so I guess that means we value Easter a lot more. Luckily.

As I explained yesterday, we sing in the Easter Mass in church, and today was a special one, as we all got a candle at a certain moment. I was quick and subtle enough to snap a little picture if this beautiful moment.

So, as I predicted yesterday, I totally forgot to snap the glorious food my dad prepared on this day. I did end up taking a selfie of my standard look on any Christian holiday that we sing in Church, as this is our choir uniform. I wear it in the morning, but then sometimes don't end up putting on different clothes, as we usually just invite the only grandma I still have in my life, and it's just a lazy Sunday with her, really. So yeah, classic holiday-look right here for you.

The only thing I'm doing today is watch some YouTube, make and send out my invoices for the month of March, eat dinner, watch a tv programme called "De Mol" (literally meaning The Mole, a game show where there's one contestant sabotaging the missions and the others have to guess which one is The Mole, it's such an awesome show!) and finally, put on fresh sheets on my bed. 

I wanted to finish this follow-me-around post by showing you one of my new pillow cases, which is pink and has gold printed lashes on them. I think it's so cute! You might still be able to find it in H&M Home. I'm so glad I've finally found some new pillow cases for my square pillow on there, as lately it seems impossible to find this size in any store! Apparently, it's a very Belgian thing to have a pillow sized 60x60cm, and you need a 65x65cm pillow case for that, which you can't find in Primark or Ikea! So yeah, they have them in a lot of different sizes, which is so good, and I might order this one n the white-with-black-lashes print as well... 

I hope you liked this style of blog post for a change. Let me know what you think of it, and if you want to see it more often, if you prefer more/less detail, or only a few highlights of the week... I'd love to know you're genuine, honest thoughts, so please do let me know if you liked it and what I could do better in the future if I do another one of these.

Lots of love,

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