Life Update


Hey everyone!

I recently noticed I haven't done a Life Update since Alice visited me back in July.
Since then, a lot has changed, really. Let me give you an update.

My work situation changed...

... and I'm not sure if it was for the better. I loved working at the architecture company I was working at last year, and I was so sad to hear that I was being let go. I quickly found a part-time job again, at which I'm still working, and I'm freelancing as an interior designer for the rest of the week. It's alright, I guess, but I feel like I function better when I'm out of the house all day. It's okay for now, but I might look for something new soon.

My blog situation stayed the same...

... although I've been focusing less on makeup looks and more on products, I've somehow not been able to shake of the beauty-blog thing, even though my resolution every year is to include more lifestyle and interior design stuff. Which I'm totally okay with, by the way. I keep going back to beauty related content, because that's what I genuinely love to talk about on this blog, and it's what I like to read about as well. I've also been focusing a lot on my instagram content to grow my following a little bit, which made me completely sort of vanish off of twitter, but hey. I wasn't really using that a lot anyways. I occasionally pop a brain fart on there, nothing more. I've been enjoying instagram so much lately and the feedback of you guys has been so overwhelming! I love to hear when people are enjoying a certain post, or selfie, or my feed in general. My following is still not huge, but I was so happy to cross the number 500, not sure why but I just think that's the first milestone to hit, in order to start growing it a bit more. We'll see where we're headed with that.

I'm still nowhere with my own music...

... because again, the choir life is just so busy! We have a lot of meetings and much work on the music scores and making booklets for the singers. I love it though, and it keeps me busy in my free time. I just wish I had the time to record a cover of my own, or even get back into writing my own songs. I haven't attempted that in ages, and I can never bring myself to doing so.

I've also taken on a new challenge...

... and that is: learning Spanish! Since I made a lot of hispanic friends back in Manchester, I thought it would be a lot more fun to learn Spanish instead of going to refresh my French. I'm taking classes on Monday evenings and in between, I try to keep up by using Duolingo, a very fun app to start learning languages (not sponsored, just genuinely enjoy it!) I'm finishing my first year of Spanish in June, so excited to see how I will do on my final test!

And finally, I went for a new "look"...

... nope, I haven't cut my hair (yet), but I went to get glasses. It took me some time to get used to the prescription glasses, although it's not too bad. These are my first (real) pair of specs and I think I've chosen well with the taupey grey colour. I think they really suit me, and they mostly help my eyes to not get so tired from looking at a computer screen all day, but also help them to not catch the car's headlights so much in the dark. It's strange how there's glasses for everything now! #ClubFourEyes 

What have you been up to lately?

Lots of love,

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