Marc Jacobs Scandalust palette: is it worth it?


This post is al about one question, and one realisation: did I really need another warm toned palette? More specifically: did I need that new Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette? Because hey, doesn't that shade look a lot like...

Yep. I fell for it. I knew it would be similar to a lot of shades in my collection, but it was only when I actually put them side to side, when I realised how similar almost all the shades in this palette are to other warm toned palettes in my collection!

I'll give you the rundown, and tell you if it was really worth buying this palette, for me personally.

The Marc Jacobs Scandalust palette is one I'd been eyeing up for a while before I took the plunge. With it being quite expensive - 46,50€ on Sephora, plus almost 4€ extra for shipping, that's €50 for 7 eyeshadows. Yes, that is quite expensive - I wasn't sure if I needed it. Especially since I already had the Nars Wanted, the Urban Decay Naked Heat and the Zoeva Caramel Melange palette in my collection, which are the palettes I will compare this one to.

Now, the shades in the MJ palette are stunning. We've got what looks like 3 light shades (Hot Pants, At The Office, Cause a Fuss), 2 medium shades (That's Why, They Call Her) and 2 dark shades (Little Miss, Scandalous). Perfect, right? Well, I find that Hot Pants and Cause a Fuss are stunning champagny shimmery shades, but the one sitting in between, At The Office, translates much darker on the lid than it does in the pan. When I use this to set my eyeshadow base, it immediately creates a really dark look to begin with. I love the rest of the shades in here, I just wish that At The Office would be a bit lighter, since it's the only sort of "light" matte shade in the palette.

Now, the one shadow that I probably don't already own anywhere in my collection, is Scandalous. If I would own the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, I bet that dark pinky cranberry shade would be in there somewere, too. But it's the one I'm least drawn to, which explains why all the other shades are very similar to what I already have and which got my attention in the first place.

Onto the swatch comparisons now.
Let's go from left to right.

Oh, I will shorten Marc Jacobs to MJ and Urban Decay to UD. Most of you will get that, but it's a bit easier this way when I'm talking about the palettes and the brands all the time ;-)

MJ Scandalust: Hot Pants vs. UD Naked Heat: Ounce vs. Nars Wanted: Satisfaction

Every palette needs a light shimmery neutral shade to pop into the inner corners. I love when palettes have them, and both of these palettes thick the box. The Nars palette has a similar shade to the MJ and UD ones, but it has more of a pinky champange undertone, rather than a yellow champagne like these two. But it serves the same purpose. 

MJ Scandalust: At The Office vs. UD Naked Heat: Chaser vs. Nars Wanted: Seven Heaven

I'm not saying all of these shades are really similar, but these two comparison shades are probably what I would have expected the one from MJ to be, and would have prefered as well. These lighter shades are perfect for going in first after applying the base. I wish the MJ one was a little lighter and a little less mauve toned. The quality of it is amazing though.

MJ Scandalust: Cause a Fuss vs. Nars Wanted: Delirium

Both of these shades are stunning, and are some of the most pigmented shimmery champagne shades I've ever seen. The Nars one is slightly more intense in its glitteriness, but I love both of these equally. You have to admit: they are very similar, huh?

MJ Scandalust: That's Why vs. UD Naked Heat: Low Blow vs. Zoeva Caramel Melange: Finish Sensual

I think the MJ shade is quite unique in undertone, but combined with the rest of the shades in the palette, it sort of loses that quality, which makes it almost identical to the shades in the UD and the Zoeva palettes. It's one of those shades you find some variation of in every self-respecting warm shadow palette, and I think the MJ palette really needs this shade in there. But, again, there's only so much difference you can see in shades like these.

MJ Scandalust: They Call Her vs. UD Naked Heat: Scorched vs. Zoeva Caramel Melange: Liquid Center

I didn't realise when I bought the MJ palette, until I grabbed for my Zoeva one, how similar these shades actually are! It's the one shade that speaks to me the most on both palettes. The metallic-ness is ever so intense in the Zoeva shade, but they give off the same effect on the lids. Both feel buttery soft and it's a curious thing, really: seeing such a similar shade in a £20 palette to the MJ one... Round of applause for Zoeva on this one, as it nails this shade in evey single way.

MJ Scandalust: Little Miss vs. UD Naked Heat: Ashes

These shades basically do the same for their palette respectively: it deepens up the look and creates a smoky loo, without it being plain brown or black. I'm not a purple shadow wearer, but in this case, I really like adding a bit of purple to the look. I think it pairs well with a warm toned eyeshadow look. You can see how this is yet another shade I didn't really need again, as it's just sitting in my Naked Heat palette.

MJ Scandalust: Scandalous vs. Nars Wanted: Temptress

These shades are by no means the same, but they are the closest match I could find within the three given palettes. I think this is the only unique shade for me, personally, in both palettes. The matt(ish) cranberry shade is very different for me, and can really transform the whole look, just by swiping it slightly into the crease. The more red-toned shade in the Nars palette is, again, quite unique and really warms up a look. But I could have easily done without the MJ shade. I'm excited to play around with it a bit more, though. Maybe I should push myself to stap outside my comfort zone.

So, as you can tell: maybe I shouldn't have bought this palette... But in all honestly: I do think if I had to pick one out of these four palettes to take traveling with me, it would be the Marc Jacobs Scandalust. Overall, it combines the best shades out of al the ones from the three other palettes, and it's really all I need for every (warm toned) look I would need. I'm definitely considering taking this palette with me to my Manchester trip, although the Nars Wanted is not too chunky either, so that one comes in as close second in that round...

Did I really need this palette? Defintely not. Did I really want this palette, and will I get a lot of use out of it? I hope so! I will do my best to reach for this as much as possible. I already know I love the Nars one, the UD one is really just a collectors item so even if I don't reach for that, I don't really care, and the Zoeva one is similar to the UD one, more of an addition to the whole range, but still one I find myself reaching for from time to time.

I really don't need another warm toned palette now.
I actually left out my new Anastasia Soft Glam palette from this post, as I thought it would be too much, but that one SHOULD be my last warm shadow palette for a while. Or ever. I think I own every shade I need in that category. But I will try to wear it a lot in the upcoming months. I usually wear a lot of warm shaded in summer anyways.

What is your opinion on this? Do you love warm toned shadows? Which of these palettes have you tried yourself, and which one do you (or would you) prefer out of the four of them. Let me know your thoughts down below!

Lots of love,

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