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Hey everyone!

I've been thinking about doing a post like this one for a long time, as I'm sure everyone has those things they do that people don't even know of, but are so handy and practical to do or use.

This might sounds really abstract, but you'll know what I mean when you read the post.

If you have any tips or tricks to add to these, please leave them in the comments below! If I get enough of them, I might do a Pt. 2 where I mention all your tips to my readers!

Travel pots and jars

I'm sure we all know about them. Most people will actually use the empty plastic jars to take with them traveling, but I tend to use them a lot at home as well. What for, you might ask?

Whenever I try to empty a product to the bottom - mostly makeup or skincare that comes in a bottle with a pump or in a tube - I will depot it and really get the last bits out. You know when a product in a tube is on its last legs and you really need the force of your two hands to get that last bit squeezed out? You can never get the very last bit out while trying to do so with one hand, while you get it on the back of your other hand? That's where the travel pots come in handy, and you will see that often, it will be enough for a couple more uses as well. 

Same goes for bottles with pumps: I'll take the example of my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser. The product tends to stick to the edges of the bottle, or on the bottom. With the pump, I could never get out all of the product. But when I unscrew the pump, and shake everything out, really hitting on the bottom of the bottle, I can usually fill up an entire round pot with the left-over product I probably could have never got to use otherwise.

You can even do this with hair products, too. I've got a few skincare products in a travel pot at the moment, a handcream that came in a tube and usually you will find one with concealer (that came in a tube) or foundation somewhere in my drawers as well.

So, go and get yourself some of these travel pots, to make the most use out of your products at home.

Cotton buds

Or q-tips or whatever you may call them. If you have trouble applying eye makeup precisely, it's always good to have these close when you're doing it. I often take one to clean up my eyeliner, to wipe off fall out or to clean up my lids/undereye area after applying mascara (then closing my eyes before it's dry, you know the struggle). Even if you're applying a darker shade of lipstick, it's always good to be able to take a cotton bud and run it along the lipstick to clean up where you've messed up. Make sure to always use the clean side, if you've wiped off a bit of product and you want to move to another part. You might end up with red smudges around your lips if you're not careful! But it's so handy for making sure your makeup looks perfect, instead of amateuristic.

Even for concealer it's super handy to have these around. Sometimes, when I'm having some blemishes and I'm scared a spot will pop open (I know, TMI, but hear me out) I don't want to get the germs on my concealer brush, or even my fingers. That's when I'll use a cotton bud to apply some concealer on it, or make sure it's covered up in some way.

They have so many uses to them when you're doing your makeup, so help yourself to some of these and put them right next to where you do your makeup. They are a life saviour.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

If you've ever wondered why some people's skin looks so smooth with makeup on, chances are they've scrubbed right before they applied it. If there's a special occasion where you need to look your best, make sure you scrub! Even your lips. There are so many lip scrubs on the market lately, and it makes all the difference, especially if you're wearing a darker lipstick or a matte formula. They tend to cling to dry areas and they will only look their best if your lips are super smooth.

Always follow up with a moisturiser/lip balm to give your skin/lips back the hydration that they need to be able to feel really smooth and stay that way as well.

Setting Spray trick

Something I've learned from Amy (BlondeAmy on youtube) is that after you've applied setting spray, if you want it to work better, lock in the makeup and also to speed up the process of your makeup routine, it's best to wave at your face. Take a piece of cardboard, or a booklet, or I even just do it with my hand. Because the setting spray dries quicker, it prevents it from moving around the products underneath and I find that it really locks in the makeup, because it sets quicker.

This trick is 100% approved by me, so go ahead and try it for yourself.

Cold spoons

I haven't done this in ages, but remembered it used to really work back in the days where I struggled with sleep deprivation at school.

If your eyes are always really puffy in the mornings, try taking two tea spoons and put them in the fridge overnight. In the mornings, before you do anything else, just take them out and place them underneath your eyes. The puffiness will disappear and you will look - and feel! - more awake in an instant.

Some people even tend to put their eye cream in the fridge so it's nice and fresh feeling in the morning. Not every eye cream lends itself to this, but you can always try it for yourself.

These are a few tricks that I've learned myself over the years. Do you have any tips for me and my readers? Let us know in the comments below! I'm curious ;-)

Lots of love,

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