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Hey everyone!

A little while ago I shared a picture on instagram with an overview on my drugstore products. Just one night it got in my head how many high-end and luxury products I actually have in my makeup collection, and wanted to see how many of the lot were drugstore and high street. Seeing as it wasn't that much, I asked my instagram followers if they wanted to see a full post on these drugstore bits, and everyone that voted said yes! 

Good enough reason to do this post today?

Oh, right, I know not everything is technically drugstore, but I use the term quite liberally. I don't want to be specifying constantly that it's drugstore, high-street, affordable, blabla... You know what I mean when I say it. It's everything that is considered to have a drugstore price.

Also, I technically have more drugstore products still around, but I have them in a separate box because I'm not using them anymore and I've got them for sale on my Depop. Check that out if you're interested, I'm charlinehasablog on there! I'm also planning on donating some of them to charity soon.


Starting off with foundations. I've been building up my collection - although I'm not sure why, as I hate collecting foundations like this - and I think I've got it down to a good mix of drugstore and high-end. The four drugstore ones I own are The Ordinary Coverage Foundation for the days where I need a lot of coverage and a matte look, the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and the l'Oréal True Match foundation for medium coverage with a bit more of a glow, and the l'Oréal Infallible Longwear Shaping Stick, which I love for days when I need to be really quick. It blends in superfast and has decent coverage.

I've got two makeup sprays in my collection at the moment, none of the two are high-end. I love me some Nyx Matte Finish setting spray, so a bit more recent I decided to try the Nyx first Base primer spray as well. I use it more for wetting my eyeshadow brush as to actually prime my face at the moment, because I have so many other primers to go through, but it's a nice one to try out.

I've got a few single shadows left in my collection, a few high end but mostly drugstore. I've got some H&M ones, a Kiko one, a Colourpop one, two Maybelline Colour Tattoos, a random MaxFactor cream shadow and another random H&M gold gel liner.

Then I have a few Rimmel setting powders - which will forever be my favourites! - a giant Revolution highlighter and a BarryM Liquid highlighter which I both don't reach for a lot but are really beautiful, and a Zoeva gel highlighter which I'm obsessed with, it's so unique!

Some palettes from the high street are the Nip+Fab contour palette, a Zoeva blush palette and a few of the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes. The only eyeshadow palettes from the high street I actually still have in my collection, all the others are high end!

Then there are some concealers I've been testing out, but not absolutely love, including the l'Oréal True Match concealer and the Nyx HD concealer. I also have a Nyx Away We Glow liquid highlighter, a Nyx Micro brow pencil, a Kiko brow pencil and a Zoeva brow pencil in here. I tend to switch back and forth between drugstore and high-end brow pencils, some of the lower priced ones are still really good!

I tend to not spend a lot of money on products I'm not going to use a lot. I still have a few Kiko eyeshadow sticks around from many, many moons ago. They still perform quite well so I keep them around just in case. I also have a The Body Shop eyeshadow stick, which I'm trying to use more recently. A Nyx jumbo eye pencil in a white colour, a Nyx lid primer and a bright blue Colourpop eye pencil complete this photo.

I only have one drugstore eyeliner left, and it's the l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim in a grey shade. For glitter liners I always keep it cheap, so I have a Nyx glitter liner and a Collection glitter liner around for the special occasions. Two backup mascaras I keep around are the l'Oréal Paradise Extatic and the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. 

Last but not least: lip products! All my actual lipsticks are high-end at the moment, and I only have two lipglosses which are also high-end. I do have a lot of lip pencils that I use surprisingly little, but which is why most of them are drugstore. I have a Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencil in a bright red shade, which sort of functions as a lipstick as it is so fat. A few Bourjois lip liners can be seen in here, as well as the Nyx lip liners. Both of them I really recommend! The single one left in here is a Topshop lip liner, which I'm also very chuffed with.

Hope you found it interesting to have a look at all the drugstore/high-street makeup I have around. I must say, I only really kept this stuff around because I genuinely like them. I have loads on sale on Depop which I don't enjoy as much (anoymore) so to see these items made the cut, means something.

Now I'm curious: does your makeup collection consists of more drugstore or more high-end makeup? Is there a reason for that? let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

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