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Hey everyone!

Today I want to give you a look into my stash of backups: makeup I've previously bought, enjoyed and used up, I repurchased but I'm not using at the moment, because I have other stuff to go through first. Some of these I will always have a backup on, others I've only recently decided to pick up again just in case I ever run out of something.

It will all be clear, just read on and you'll find out why these repurchases are lying around in my makeup storage.

Mascaras, mascaras, mascaras...

I am that person that will never not have a spare mascara in her drawers. I always buy them before I run out of another one. That way I can easily switch to a new one whenever the one I'm currently using is dried up or feels/looks gross. I never have more than two different mascaras open, as I know they catch germs and dry out fairly quickly. That's why I haven't even opened these three, as I know I'm using others at the moment. All three of them I have used in the past, so I know I will get on with them when I start using them again. 

The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is one I haven't used in ages, but I used to love so much! It was at one point the best selling mascara worldwide. It does good things for my lashes, but they are being quite stubborn lately so I hope it will still do the same for me now. 

Then I have a good dupe for this mascara actually, the l'Oréal Paradise Exctatic mascara, that I grabbed while l'Oréal had an offer on and I didn't really need to try any new products of them at that moment. I grabbed something I know I love and I am eager to start using this one again.

Lastly I picked up a Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara not too long ago. I had quite a history with this mascara, as I first tried this when I just started out my blog. One of the first reviews I did was on this mascara, and it was a bad one... For some reason I changed my mind over the course of using it up, and I actually started really loving it! I do think this is a slightly different fomula (or wand, who knows, I haven't opened it yet) but I'm waiting for my other mascaras to go bad before I open this one.

Other eye products

I know it takes forever to go through a brow gel, but I've noticed mine has started to pick up less product and I felt like I needed a backup of my favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. The pet peeve I have with this product is that you can't see what's going on on the inside, so you don't know how gross it's probably looking. It does make me use it much longer, but I feel like I need to throw mine out in a few weeks, but don't fear: I already have a spare one that I can use immediately!

I really don't know why I picked this up back in Winter, but I saw it in store and it's very possible that there was a bank holiday sale going on or something, so Selfridges had 10% off all makeup, so I picked up the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. I remember loving this so much in the past, and although I rarely ever wear eyeliner anymore, I felt like I needed it in my collection. It's been sitting there ever since, as I only just opened another black one that will last me forever, seeing how little I use it. But hey, it's there if I need it, right?

Primers, powders setting products

Starting off with an old favourite, the Nars Pore&Shine Control Primer hasn't been in my collection for ages, but I picked it up quite some time ago as I was going to run out of primers. In the mean time I picked up other ones that were new to me and I decided to try those ones out first. However, I know I love this particular primer and I am dying to use this one again. When the collection has thinned out a bit I will start using this one again.

A bronzing powder I stocked up on purely because I loved it to death and it was limited edition, is the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour powder in Marinière N°02. I've recently used up the first one and only dipped into this particular one a handful of times, and I'm too scared to use it so I just keep it as my backup bronzer, you know, just in case I use up all my bronzers and I forget to buy a new one in time (which won't happen in 100 years). It's probably my favourite backup product of all time.

Lastly, there are two setting products, including my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent, which I always bring with me from the UK (they don't sell this shade in Belgium). I have two brand new ones laying around at the moment. I love this powder so much, as it's the only one that I feel really works for my skin. It's also way cheaper in the UK (hello, they sell it for the insane amount of €10 here in Belgium! Crazy) so I just need to pick it up whenever I'm in the neighbourhood.

Another setting product I keep buying so I just always need to have a backup on, is the Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray. Whenever I feel like I've used up about half of it, I immediately run to the store and pick one up. Especially in Summer I really like this one, and as it's so affordable, yet seems to work well for me, why would I even bother trying out other ones? Setting my makeup is important for me, so I use whatever I trust.

So tell me. Which products do you always have a backup of? Which ones do you love so much, you repurchase them even before they run out? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

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