Urban Decay Born To Run: review


Hey everyone!

Last week, the new Urban Decay Born To Run palette went in pre-sale, and of course, me being a total Urban Decay JUNKIE, I knew I had to get my hands on it asap.

I will give you my first impressions, swatches, two quick makeup looks and my final, honest thoughts on the palette at the end of this post.


Let's start with the packaging. Straight away: I love the packaging. The pictures on the outside are so different, yet so very instagrammable! It closes with a magnet but feels really sturdy as it's plastic, it's slim enough to fit in a makeup bag and it has a MAHOOSIVE mirror on the inside! It is marketed as a travel palette, which in a way makes sense. I would have expected for it to be a bit less weighty though, and it's also quite big and I know not everyone takes such a big makeup bag with them. But in terms of available shades and all that, it's definitely travel friendly.

I'm such a fan of the shade selection in here, as it has a lot of great neutral shades, bronzes and browns, deep warm shades metallic coppers. Next to that, there are a few really awesome pops of colours, which most of them are still muted enough to get away with, but a few of them are really out there (like Wildheart e.g.) so you can create really interesting looks.


This palette contains 21 shades, which is the largest number of pans they've ever done in a palette. There's a good selection of mattes, satins and shimmers in here, which are overall of very good quality. I'll go through every single shade in a minute, but for now:

Some of the mattes are more pigmented than others, some have a bit of kickup but nothing I can't get over. The one shade called Weekender is probably the worst in terms of kickup as I will always apply this with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, and that makes it go quite powdery when I dip my brush into the pan. Other than that, they are of quite good quality. Most of the shimmers/metallics are very, very (!) pigmented and swatch very beautifully but do have quite a bit of fallout when applied with a brush (especially the darker ones) so it's best to apply them with your finger to pack on the colour and follow up with a brush to blend it out.

The satins I'd say are also best applied with your finger, as that will make sure you get the most pigment out of it. They have less fallout but perform the same as the shimmers, in the way that it packs more punch when you apply them with your finger and have more of a subtle way of showing up when you go in with a brush.

A few of the shades in here are repeats from earlier palettes, or shades they have as a single shadow. Riff is one of those single shadows, along with Smog which you can also find in the original Naked palette, I believe Jet used to be available as a single as well but I can't seem to find it online anymore (or maybe it was in a palette at some point) and Punk is a single shade that was also in the Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette.


Onto all the shades, with swatches.

First row:

Breakaway - a pale peach highlighter shade with a satin finish
Stranded - a true metallic gold with a yellow reflect
Blaze - a satin peach with a pink reflect
Weekender - a pale matte beige, this one has quite a bit of kick back, but it's a great base shade
Still Shot - a matte pale peach
Riff - a matte terracotta brown
Good As Gone - a satin dark chocolate

Second row:

Hell Ride - a matte cranberry purple
Baja - a matte red-toned orange
Accelerate - a metallic copper, super pigmented this one!
Guilt Trip - a satin browny purple with a lavender reflect, works best applied with your finger
Ignite - a metallic orange gold, again very pigmented
Smog - a metallic browny bronze, quite a bit of fallout with this one so be careful
Wanderlust - a metallic moss green, one of the most unique ones in the palette in my opinion, and again very pigmented but has quite some fallout when applied with a brush

Third row:

Wildheart - a satin electric fuschia, works best applied with finger
Punk - a matte red-toned brown
Double Fire - a metallic red-toned bronze
Jet - a satin black, wouldn't say it's super black as it has that bit of sheen running through
Drift - a metallic dark grey with a purple reflect
Radio - a metallic petrol blue
Big Sky - a metallic icy green-blue


Of course I couldn't wait to try this on my actual eyes and here are three looks I created immediately after receiving it in the mail.

For the first look, I used Weekender as a base, Breakaway on the browbone and inner corner, Still Shot in the crease, Guilt Trip on the mobile lid, and Punk mixed with Hell Ride as a liner on the top and bottom lash line.

I amped up the look with Drift on the outer corners and the crease, Wildheart on the lid for that almost "electric" pop of pink, and Punk to blend out the crease and to smoke out on the lower lash line.

It's so easy to build on an already existing look, which is the awesome part about this palette. You can go neutral for the day, then come back in the evening, add a few more colours or make it a bit smokey-er with the darker shades and VOILA. The perfect excuse to take this traveling with you!

For this look, again I started off with Weekender to set my eyeshadow primer and Breakaway to blend out into the browbone and into the inner corners. I followed up by putting a mix of Still Shot and Riff in the crease and on the lower lash line, then applied Smog on the inner half of the lid. I made the mistake of going in with a fluffy brush and I had a lot of fallout with this shadow! Either wet your brush or apply it with your finger before you go and blend it out a bit. I did the same with Wanderlust on the outer half of the lid, followed by applying it with my finger and blending it into Smog. I also took Wanderlust on the outer half of the lower lash line, and went into Stranded for the inner half of the lower lash line. I also intensified the inner corner highlight with a mix of Breakaway and Stranded.


Overall I'm so happy with this palette, and I can't wait to dip my brushes into the shades I haven't tried yet. I would probably recommend this to everyone who has got the makeup basics down and wants to start experimenting with colour a little bit more, without spending loads on a palette with all bright shades that you're never going to wear. This palette has so many everyday colours that you can reach if you're not feeling adventurous, but you'll always have those colours within reach to add to a neutral look as much as you want. The pigmentation is great but fallout is very possible with the darker shimmery shades, so if that's a turn-off for you, you might want to skip it. I'm not bothered by it as much, as I know lots of pigmented shadows can have fallout and I've learned how to make them work.

Such a versatile palette, and definitely worth the money, in my opinion.

Will you get this beautiful palette? Or will you pass on it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Lots of love,

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