Favourite Summer Lippies


Hey everyone,

I've been very into wearing lipstick lately - not sure how that ever happened? 18 year old me would have never believed if I told her I would have a collection of about 20 of them!

I want to share my favourites for this season. 

Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick - Do No Wrong

I've recently picked this up in a free gift with purchase, and I couldn't be happier! It really is the perfect rosy nude shade for summer. It's also completely matte, which I usually really love. I can' recommend these lipsticks enough, they are such good quality. It pairs with literally every single eyeshadow look I do and it makes me feel really feminin. If you're into nude shades and you're looking for a pink toned one, definitely check this one out.

Mac Satin lipstick - Shrimpton

I think this one is (or was?) limited edition, so if it is: I'm sorry! It's definitely a good lipstick to use in combination with lipsticks that are a bit darker, and give it an even more "nude" look to it. I do think this lipstick on its own is just a bit too pale for me, as it's very flesh toned and makes me look like I don't have lips... But layered over a brighter, peachy lipstick it looks great! Or even paired with a darker nude lip liner, this one looks stunning. Shade like this always come in handy to tone down the brighter ones.

Mac Retromatte Liquid Lip Colour - Back In Vogue

I'm pretty sure they don't make this exact colour anymore, but I'm sure they have something similar in their collection at the moment. It's one of the brightest peachy lippies I own and I love to pop this out when I'm feeling extra summery! This formula is really matte though and I might try to find a similar shade that's a bit creamier, as I think that would look so good as well. But for now I'm happy to have this one in my collection, still.

Guerlain Rouge G lipstick - N°02

A slightly newer release from this year are the Guerlain lipsticks with customizeable lids, which are a bit gimmicky but look great in photos tbh. The shade I picked out is a beautiful creamy pinky-peachy nude, which is just such a staple in my opinion. I'm sure you can get shades like this at the drugstore, but obviously the pretty packaging lured me in. If you know of any good drugstore lipsticks with a similar shade, please let me know!

Smashbox Always On Matte liquid lipstick - Bawse

Ending this post on a BANG! This red liquid lipstick is such a beauty! I was looking for a bright red that would be a bit more long-wearing than a creamy formula, and as I'm always so conscious when I wear a bold lipstick, I knew I needed to look in the direction of liquid lipsticks. I decided to pick up this Smashbox one, as I was going to buy a lipstick from them anyways and if I picked this one up as well, it meant I got the free gift with purchase that had the earlier mentioned Do No Wrong lipstick in it. Win-win, eh? So glad I have this now, as it really makes me come a bit out of my comfort zone once in a while. It's super long lasting and I just love the applicator - it's so precise!

Swatches: Smashbox Do No Wrong, Mac Shrimpton, Mac Back In Vogue, Guerlain N°02, Smashbox Bawse

Lots of love,

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