Project Pan That Product: update #33


Hey peeps!

A new month always means a new update on my Project Pan That Product on the blog.
Here we go.

I took out the Essence Brighten Up! banana powder and replaced it with the Rimmel Insta Fix&Matte powder. I also took out the l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Grey and switched it with the Nyx HD Studio Photogenic concealer

Today, the products look like this: 

Rimmel Insta Fix&Matte powder

I've found my love back for this product and although it gives of the tiniest bit of whitecast, it's definitely a good one to keep me matte throughout the day. I've wondered how much product would still be in there, so I made a little dent on the side. It looked like there was still loads in there! Then a few days after, I actually hit pan. So satisfying to hit pan on a newly added product already. You'll see the progress much more now.

Chanel Jardin De Chanel blush

The pan on this keeps growing, slightly, but not by much. I've been loading up on the bronzer these days and tend to use less blush when I do. I still apply it, but only very lightly. Bet this will last me forever, this one!

Maybelline Total Temptation mascara

I think I'll keep this one in for one last month. I'm really not the biggest fan of it and I've sort of been using other mascaras with it already. I've got so many others waiting to be used and it's taking up quite a lot of space in my drawers, so I want to move onto new mascaras soon. It's still alright to use, still liquid enough, but I can feel it's drying out a little bit so I'd have to get rid of it in the near future anyways...

The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick - Nevada Gold

I try to use this whenever I go for a bit of an extra look, and love to use this on the inner corners of my eyes lately. I think it's such a stunning shade, but honestly this will take me forever to finish up! I'll try to make the most out of it though.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Bow 'n' Arrow

Oh hun, how difficult it is to put this one to good use these days... Honestly, it's not the best colour for the warmer months and I've definitely been using other lippies instead. Still, I don't just want to take it out and come back to it later. I really want to keep it in here for another month and use it once in a while, whenever I can. It's really one of the only Kat Von D product I have in my collection (I also have this lippie in a regular lipstick bullet) & I don't want to give her brand too much attention anymore, since the whole "thing" about her choosing not to vaccinate her future child & all that. You've heard the tea, let's move on.

Nyx HD Studio Photogenic concealer

I've been using this one almost every single day now to conceal underneath my eyes. I even mix it with another concealer I have laying around that's slightly too dark, so I can also use it on my spots. It's actually a good combination and I've been loving using this one. I can tell a lot of product is gone already so this will be an easy one to get through.

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek - Lunch Money

I've sort of been neglecting this highlighter a little bit, but not too long ago I wanted to properly use it again and found that it was so dry and I couldn't really get the most out of it anymore, so I tried to scrape off the dried bit but quickly discovered all the product left inside wouldn't work anymore and it sort of crumbled out. Guess this one is empty now! Time to move onto a new product.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer

I've honestly been using this bronzer everyday, but on the picture you can't really tell! You really don't need much when using this one, so that may be why you can't see progress on the picure. I feel like I can see it when I look at the sides of the pan, the product has definitely shrunk! It's just not really denting anywhere in particular. I can see the structure of the pan through it though so I'm guessing it won't be long until I actually hit pan on this one. 


Nyx Away We Glow liquid highlighter - 04 Crystal Glare

This is a very natural looking one, which I love for on the daily. I've been wanting to get more into liquid highlighters so this will be a good push for me to do that. I've used it a few times now and absolutely love how it looks. I think I will enjoy it a lot in the summer months!

Lots of love,

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