The Bloggers Didn't Make Me Buy It


Hey peeps!

Today I want to talk you through some products I picked up by myself, coming from my own experiences and making my own decisions, without any blogger, youtuber or even ad influencing me to buy the product.

I did a The Bloggers Made Me Buy It before, if you want to check what I did pick up because of the online influencers.

Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion

Because I've loved many products from Kiehl's in the past, and when I walked into the store in Brighton, I felt like trying something new. I've tried the cleanser from this range already, and remember I had a sample of the clay mask at some point as well. It sounded very intriguing so I picked it up, thinking it was a brand new product. Apparently it has always existed, I just never noticed it. Glad I could try it out for myself, and it had been ages since I picked up anything I hadn't even heard of in the slightest!

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer - 002 Holo Gold

I went into Ici Paris XL one day (which is sort of the equivalent of Sephora where you can find most french beauty brands) as I knew the spring makeup collections would be out soon. Immediately I spotted this highlighter and when I swatched it, I was sold. The shade is so unique, the reflect is so intense and the packaging just looks stunning. I hadn't really seen it anywhere before, so the surprise was so much bigger when I saw it, and I love it even more now.

Smashbox Be Legendary lipsticks

Here I'm talking about the entire range of Be Legendary lipsticks. I've picked up a few now, and I know there was a giant PR sendout when they released the new range of 120 lipsticks, but after that hype died down a little bit, I definitely saw the interest in it. The first lipstick I tried was so good, I started picking up more of them. I'm so happy with them now and couldn't imagine not having them in my collection!

Zoeva Strobe Gel - Eos

For some reason I fancied trying some Zoeva products, other than their eyeshadows or brushes, so I spotted this one on the website and it had me interested. I'm so glad I tried it out because it's like nothing else in my collection, and the shade is so perfect as well. If you've not tried them out, I highly suggest you get on it right away, it's such an experience.

TheBalm California Driver License Face Palette

Bit of a throwback, as I've had this palette for absolutely AGES and I haven't touched it for the longest time. I used to use this a lot when I first got it and thought it was such a handy little palette. I never heard about it or anything, but just saw it in store and I thought it looked so cute. There were two colour ways, and I chose the more neutral one. I should actually use this one a bit more as it's got a great blush shade in, that I could also use as an eyeshadow, since pink eyeshadows have been in style again for a few years now and have only become more popular recently. I don't even know if they sell these anymore, but they are worth checking out!

Lots of love,

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