3 Looks: Palette Bingo with Urban Decay Electric


Hey peeps!

Because I had so much fun last time, I wanted to do this Palette Bingo thingie again.
Today I'm doing this with the Urban Decay Electric eyeshadow palette

I went the same way as last time and put the numbers 1-10 in a randomizer on the internet. The top row being 1-5, the bottom row being 6-10. I'm choosing 4 shades for each look, so that I can play with how much I want them to be present in the look. It would also make for interesting shade combinations that way.

Onto the looks!


The first four shades are:

2 - Gonzo, a matte bright blue with a slight glitter
3 - Slowburn, a matte bright red with a slight glitter
10 - Thrash, a yellow toned green with a shimmer finish
4 - Savage, a matte neon pink

The only shade in this entire palette that I find difficult to combine with the other shades, is Slowburn. I'm just going to start off the look and see where we end up with the red. Maybe I'll put it in the crease, very lightly.

So I ended up really struggling to find a way to incorporate the red, as I expected. I do think I managed to find a way. 

I applied Gonzo (blue) on the inner and outer corners of the lids and connected them in the crease, to create a sort of "spotlight" or "halo" eye, whatever they call it these days. It's nowhere near perfect but I thought I would attempt it. To make sure Thrash (green) would pop, I applied a bit of white pencil on the middle, to cancel out a bit of that blue. Then with my finger I applied the green in the centre of the eyelid.

I think this would have looked really good on its own, or mimmicked on the lower lash line, but we've got two more shades we need to incorporate!

I took Slowburn (red) on the outer half of the lower lash line. To make sure it wouldn't look like I've got massive pinkeye, I combined it with Savage (neon pink) on the inner half and went heavy with the lower lash mascara, too.

As I thought it looked like I was doing two completely different looks both on the top and bottom of the eye, I brought that neon pink back in the top by adding it to the inner part of the brow bone and where it connects to my nose. I've seen a YouTuber called Lauren Mae Beauty do this a lot (it's sort of her signature look) and I thought I would give it a try. It ties in the whole look a bit more and makes it sort of futuristic as well. 

Now I must say I hate the blend on that blue eyeshadow. It's quite an old palette that I bought off someone second hand and I do think this eyeshadow is really dry and stiff to work with, I did the best I could with the blending. I'm not a massive fan of this entire colour combination, but I think a red shade is always difficult to make look good.

I lined the upper lash line with a black liquid liner and coated my lashes with mascara multiple times. I did think the look missed a bit of sparkle so I went into the inner corners with the highlight I'm wearing on my cheekbones as well, which is the Dior Nude Air Luminizer in 002 Holo Gold. I'm also keeping it nude, but summery with Mac Kinda Sexy on the lips.


The next four shades are:

9 - Freak, a metallic green (fun fact, I also have the eye pencil in this shade!)
4 - Savage, a matte neon pink
6 - Chaos, a matte royal blue with a slight glitter
2 - Gonzo, a matte bright blue with a slight glitter

Two of the shades are the same as the previous look, so I will definitely try to use them both in a different way as I did in the first look. I absolutely love this combination though, so this should be interesting.

I enjoyed the combination of these shades a lot more and I think this look turned out really well! I went heavy on the blue and green and kept the pop of pink really subtle.

I started off the look by using my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil in Freak to set a base for the shade Freak (green). I took it on the inner half of the upper lid, into the inner corners and halfway my lower lash line. It was really good to do this, as I wanted the green to be the center of attention. I built up the pigment on the lid and lower lash line, but didn't go into the inner corner with the eyeshadow itself. I used a highlighting eyeshadow (Mac Nylon) to brighten it up slightly, but to keep that green shade present.

I then started building up Gonzo (bright blue) on the outer half of the upper lid. As I explained in the previous look, this shade as well as Chaos (royal blue) are both pretty chalky and blend away pretty quickly, probably because they are quite old. I still tried to make it work and really packed it on.

That being said, I wanted to go for a darker outer corner but I had a hard time building up Chaos (royal blue). I ended up just using for blending out Gonzo (bright blue) and put it into the crease as well. It's not very prominent but it's there. If I happen to do this look in the future, I don't think I'll use Chaos for this look at all, as it would have looked more crisp with just Gonzo.

With this look I had to retrace my steps a few times, just to make sure the shades all blended into each other well enough and to intensify everything after blending. That's alright, I still think it looks very pigmented, when I haven't even applied an eyeshadow primer!

Finally, I ended up putting a bit of Savage (neon pink) on the outer half of the lower lash line. I think the combination of these shades works so well, but I don't think the pink would have been necessary to make the look work. I do think it makes it a bit more interesting!

A coat of mascara and a bit of Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Do No Wrong et voilà! 


For the final look, the shades I'll work with are:

1 - Revolt, a metallic silver
10 - Thrash, a yellow toned green with a shimmer finish
8 - Urban, a dark metallic purple
7 - Jilted, a red toned purple with a blue shift

I love that the two purples ended up being in a look together, as this will really set the tone for this look. A pop of yellowy green will complement this perfectly, and the metallic silver will come in handy for that metallic finishing touch.

So I'm a little disappointed with how this look actually turned out, but I'll run you through it anyways. I personally thought that Thrash would look a lot more vibrant against the darker purple shades but for some reason it doesn't, and it even might look like I have two black eyes from fighting... anyone else with me?

Anyways, I started off the look by applying white pencil on the inner half of the eye - that's top and bottom, including the inner corner. I did this to make sure Thrash would show up a lot more vibrant in the first place, which unfortunately didn't work for this look. I will say though, that it definitely makes a difference in the way it shows up with shades like these. I then went into Thrash (yellowy green) and applied it all over that white base.

Up next was Jilted (light purple), which I applied on the entire outer corner and up into the crease, as well as underneath the lower lash line on the outer half. To darken up the area I went in with a more precise brush and applied Urban (dark purple) just on the outer corner of the lid and on the very inner portion of the lower lash line, this to make sure that Jilted would still be present in the look. 

At this point I really thought "well I can't go out the house with this look as people will think I get beaten at home" so I prayed that Revolt (metallic silver) would save the day. I think it sort of did, as I took this on the inner corners to brighten up the area, but I also lightly pressed it on the purple area to make that look a buit sparkly - almost glossy. It gave the look a bit of a space-like vibe and I ended up really liking what I did.

On the lips I kept it really nude with BareMinerals Gen Nude Buttercream lipgloss in Forbidden

What an experience, but I'm glad I got to play around and practice with this palette a bit. It definitely puts me out of my comfort zone.

I think I love LOOK 2 the most out of these 3! Which one did you like the most?

Lots of love,

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