Festive Makeup: Green & Gold glitter in 4 ways


Hi everyone!

Lately I've been massively into the green eyeshadow shades. I've waited so long for them to be a thing again and although it's very hard to come across a palette that just has the true green shades in there, they are becoming a bit more frequent.

I've chosen to do 4 looks with a green shade that defines the look, adding gold glitter in 4 different ways. I was playing around with greens, as my NYE outfit has green tones and obviously, my makeup has to match...

Obviously you can recreate these looks with another shade that suits you better, like dark purple, neutral dark brown, terracotta shades, or even grey/black shades with silver glitters. It's really just about what you prefer. 

Hope I can inspire you for the upcoming holidays!

Look 1

What I used:

For the first look I've kept it quite neutral on the lid and focussed my glitter on there, then added the touch of green on the lower lash line. For this look I've used the Zoeva Blanc Fusion eyeshadow palette, the Makeup Revolution Flawless Foils in the shade Rebound, and the Stila Shimmer & Glow liquid eye shadow in Vivid Jade.

How to achieve this look:

First I primed my eyelids then set that base with the cream shade in the palette called Travel Inspired. Then I put Question Of Taste all over the lid, and Conched mixed with Last Bite in the crease. These are the three matte browns that created a nice neutral brown base to the look. For a bit of inner corner highlighting I used the two light shimmer shades, Noble and Single Origin.

Next I took the Makeup Revolution foil and without using the mixing medium, I just put it on my finger and dab it all over the lid. This gives such a beautiful shine, almost a wet glossy look on the eyes (the camera really doesn't pick it up like that and doesn't do it justice...). 

The pop of green I put all over the lower lash line, and I do this with a flat smudging brush and pick up the liquid shadow from the applicator, then go straight in. I do this so that I don't apply way too much product for just underneath my lash line. To blend out the edges just a little bit I go back into Question Of Taste from the Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette.

For mascara I used the Lancôme Mr. Big waterproof on upper and lower lashes, and I applied the Chanel Rouge Coco in 402 Adrienne on the lips.

Look 2

What I used:

For this look I went more with the moss and khaki type of greens, and I used the Zoeva Café eyeshadow palette for the greens, Jeffree Star's Thirsty Palette for the glitter and the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in the shade Olive

How to achieve this look:

After priming my eyes I set the base with the matte cream shade in the palette called Microfoam. Then first I create a darker crease with the dark matte khaki shade Herrengasse, so that I can go in with No Added Spice on my fingertips and apply it all over. I go back in with Herrengasse to blend it all nicely in the crease. I also take that dark kahki slightly along the lower lash line to tie it in with the look, but not too much as I'm not trying to achieve a deep smokey look.

Onto the Thirsty palette, and I've only used the light gold glitter shade called Filthy Rich for the glitter element. I thought this yellow-toned glitter would really suit the greens well, and would obviously give off more of that gold-vibe I'm trying to achieve. Again, the camera does not do justice to how glittery this looks IRL! I applied it with my finger, but I would suggest of you have any type of glitter primer/glue (which I unfortunately don't), go ahead and apply that before going in with this glitter, as it really goes everywhere if you're not careful. I took that shade all into the inner corner up to about halfway of my lid. I mainly wanted to focus the glitter on the inner half, as I'm still doing a subtle winged liner.

To frame the eye a bit more (and I do think this lighter green shade really needs it) I went in with the olive eyeliner and made a little wing. If you like more dramatic eye looks you can make a bigger, fatter wing of course! I'm just not that good at it ;-)

I used the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and the Smashbox Be Legendary cream lipstick in the shade Cognac to finish off the look.

Look 3

What I used:

Classic liner with a twist, I dug up my Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 857 Legendary Green, this was a limited edition shade when I bought it but I'm sure there are similar shades around. I built up the subtle colour in the crease with the Urban Decay Naked Honey palette and used the Collection Glam Crystals glitter liner in the shade 3 Funk.

How to achieve this look:

Of course I primed my eyes before going into the Naked Honey palette. First I set down a base with the shade Sweet, then in the crease ad underneath the lash line I went in with Hive, a slightly darker neutral matte brown. On the brow bone I used a little bit of Flyby. That's literally all I did, as I didn't want to take away from the coloured liner. Then I went in with the Chanel waterproof pencil and with an angled liner brush I blended out the edges and sharpened the wing I attempted to do. I applied the Collection glitter liner starting from the inner corners, as I wanted to concentrate the glitter more on the inner part of the eye, then as the brush gets less saturated towards the end, the glitter fades out along the liner. I left the wing completely empty and matte. This way I got a nice gradient from gold glitter to dark matte green.

I finished the look with the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and applied the Urban Decay Vice matte lipstick in 1993 on the lips.

Look 4

What I used:

For this glitter crease eyeshadow look, I used the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Smoky Emerald as the base shade, the Urban Decay Naked Honey palette for some added glitter and the Collection Glam Crystals glitter liner in 3 Funk.

How to achieve this look:

I started with the Colour Chameleon and applied this on the entire mobile lid and underneath the lower lash line, then blended it out with quite a firm eyeshadow brush as this is a cream formula that sets quite quickly. I didn't go in with matte shades to blend out the edges, as this pencil already has a metallic finish. Instead I went in with the shade Honey from the Urban Decay Naked Honey palette, the poppin' yellow shade that everyone bought this palette for, let's be honest, and applied this not only on the inner corners, but also in the crease to blend out the edges. Looking back I think the glitter liner would have looked a lot cleaner if I didn't do that. Oh well. I followed up with the glitter liner, applied it all along the crease. I'm not a pro and I suck at doing a cut crease but that's definitely what would have made this look a lot better. I don't think it worked out the way I had in mind but hey. I tried.

I finished the look with the same Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and applied the Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love in Cupid's Kiss on the lips.

Let me know in the comments which look is your favourite, and what you have planned or where you take inspiration from for your festive makeup looks!

Lots of love,

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