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Hey peeps,

It's been ages since I've updated you on my holy grail products. I've been putting it off for so long, as obviously if a product is holy grail, you wouldn't really change it up any time soon, since it's your HOLY GRAIL, you know?

Obviously since my last post in 2016 I thought I would look back and update you on a few products, as I've been testing out a few new products since then. When I check older posts, it's funny to see that most of these products that I'm about to show you have been mentioned as holy grails before, so not much has changes, really!

These are all products I've repurchased at least once in my life, because I liked it so much. Given that I try out a lot of new stuff, it really does mean a lot when I go to repurchase a product.

I also thought it would be fun to throw in some skincare alongside the makeup to change up the format a little bit.

Chanel Healthy Glow Multi-Colour powder - Marinière n°02

Getting out of the way, the only product in this post that I can't repurchase. This bronzer is well on its way to being completely gone, and it was actually a limited edition from a few years back, so there's no way I'll be able to repurchase it. I did however stock up on a back-up when I first tried it and I was so impressed I had to make sure I would be able to use it a bit longer. It gives me the most healthy glow (hence the name) and it looks so natural on my skin, because it's matte but still gives a bit of a glow, without being glittery. It's so complex to describe, but it's a magical product. Any dupes for this, please do let me know.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer + Clear Brow Gel

I've been using this combo for the longest time and it's so quick and easy. I don't use anything else at the moment, although a good runner-up is the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil, which works almost the same. That being said, I do find the ABH one sits a bit better in my hand, for some reason, and the tip of the pencil is a bit flatter which makes it easier to be a little more precise. Also the spooley on the other end is perfection. It's the little things, guys. The Clear Brow Gel has that same, perfect spooley, but slightly bigger. The formula is insane in longevity, it's like glue for my brows, but hardly detectable once dry. It keeps my brow hairs in place like nothing else.

Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you will know that this is the only eyeshadow primer I will ever need. I have extremely oily eyelids and every shadow creases on me. Even a waterproof eyeshadow stick or pencil will not keep my eyeshadow in place for an entire day. Some eyeshadow bases don't even work on my lids. This is the first one I came across that would make my shadows budge-proof and keep them looking perfect all day long. It's got the most handy doe-foot applicator as well, which makes it so easy to dose this product and apply it on my eyelids. Big winner, this one!

Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray

I've always loved this one, as it works so well yet it doesn't cost a fortune. I'm a sucker for high-end makeup, but when it comes to drugstore finds like this, I'm all about it. It sets my makeup even when I don't apply powder, so for minimal makeup days this is a life saver. It's such a fine mist as well, and undetectable on the skin. They do a dewy finish version as well, if you prefer that, but for my fellow oily-skin girls, check this out asap.

BareMinerals Correcting Concealer SPF 20

This concealer is just one of those products I can always count on; it's got amazing coverage, but it moisturises well so that it never looks cakey, it has great staying power and on top of all that, there's SPF in it, which makes it perfect for underneath your eyes. I go through these like underwear but I will always repurchase this concealer.

Kiehl's Skin Rescuer moisturiser

Onto a bit of skincare, then! I've recently added this product back into my skincare routine, as I remembered it being so good for me when I'm stressed (and so my skin is stressed). It just feels really simple and straightforward. It's a bit richer than what I would normally use, but it's not too greasy at all. Especially in winter I think my skin really needs this extra bit of hydration, or at least a somewhat longer lasting effect of it, and this is just the product that works for me, always.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This cult classic is one of the products that will just always be in my routine, winter or summer, young or old. I'm so used to using this one every single evening that I just couldn't imagine not using it. I don't remember when I first tried it out and thought "wow this stuff is amazing" but I know I've gone through a few bottles of this now. The weird thing is that I can't put my finger on what exactly makes me love it so much, but I guess I was just surprised an oil-based product could work for me so well, and it definitely gives off a great effect on my skin, especially when I'm more dry in the winter.

Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner

This is a more recent, new-found love type of a product, but I know it's one I will be repurchasing a lot. It's so nice and simple, feels exfoliating without giving me the feeling I just stripped my entire face, it's never too irritating, but just sits right in the middle of too drying and not exfoliating enough. It lasts me forever and for the price I think it's quite a good deal. I'm very much into this brand at the moment and I'm discovering more of their range, but I think this is my main hero-product of theirs. 

Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water

I've been using a micellar water forever now, and in the last couple of years I haven't even gone back to the Bioderma I used to use, I'm sticking to Garnier one as it's just such great value for money. The quality is great and you get loads for little money, so it's really a win-win. Lately I've only been using the oil-infused version, as I don't use it to take off my entire face with it, just my eye makeup, mainly consisting of waterproof mascara these days. I can't get that off with the regular micellar water, so I don't really use that one anymore (I still think it's amazing if you don't wear waterproof makeup, but I've switched to it as my lashes are a pain in the ass and I need all the waterproof mascara I can get). If you've never tried this version, go check it out as this stuff is just worth it. They do amazing travel sizes too, and I'll always have it with me when I'm travelling.

Lots of love,

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