The Bloggers Made Me Buy It.


Hey everyone!

I noticed I hadn't done a post like this in a while (actually, not since September 2015!), so I dug out some of the purchases I've made since then that were definitely inspired by the reviews and hyping up of other bloggers.

Artís Oval 7 brush 

I was quite late on the bandwagon with this brush, but I just never could get my hands on it, as it was always sold out! When I finally managed to order it in summer 2016, I was so chuffed. I still think it's one of the best foundation brushes I've ever used. Not sure if I would ever use a brush like this to contour or anything, but I thought this size would be perfect for the purpose I wanted to use it, which is applying foundation. I have never regretted spending this much money on a brush (luckily!).

Zoeva Caramel Melange eyeshadow palette

When this palette released - along with the Blanc Fusion palette - as a follow up for the Cocoa Blend palette, I was immediately obsessed! They marketed it as a trio of palettes since then, and when I saw the reviews and tutorials come in, I thought "I need these palettes in my life right now". I happen to prefer this one over the Blanc Fusion, which I really didn't need tbh, and although I only use it once in a while, I still don't think I could part with this one if I had to.

ColourPop Lippie Stix - Lumière (matte)

One I could have done without, but still think is nice sometimes, is this lippie. Of course it was hyped up a lot by the YouTube community, but I literally saw it on every single blog as well. I figured I had to try it out someday, so I did when I got the chance. It's a good one to have around if you ever want to go a bit bolder. I never seem to reach for this, though, so I ended up putting it on my Depop (@charlinehasablog). It's a beautiful shade, but I guess it's just not something I can combine with what I usually wear.

Rimmel Insta Fix&Matte translucent powder

I was really excited to try this, after loving the Stay Matte for years. I saw the Insta collection everywhere when it released! I do actually prefer the Stay Matte over this one, although I think the Insta Fix&Matte is just that bit more finely milled and maybe a bit better to set the undereye area. I'm still making use out of this powder, but I'm not sure if I will stock up on it like I do with Stay Matte.

Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo - Orgasm blush & Laguna bronzer

I spoke about this product before, and shockingly I just don't think these colours are "the world" like everyone makes them out to be. I did one day read a post or watched a video (can't remember exactly) with someone saying the Laguna bronzer was all the hype when it first released, as nobody was really contouring yet and it was one of the first products around for this purpose. Since then, so many other and better products have been released, which makes the Laguna seem like it's not all that much anymore. Same goes up for the Orgasm blush, I guess. To me, it's just nothing special, unfortunately, since I really let all the good reviews lead me to this purchase... I did manage to find a purpose for the blush lately, which is to use it as a topper when I'm wearing a really dark lipstick. It can make me look quite pale, so when the look is finished and I need that little bit more colour on my cheeks, I will use Orgasm and it makes everything go together, and doesn't leave me looking like a ghost.

What are some products that YOU bought because of all the hype on other blogs? I'd love to know!

Lots of love,

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